Sunday, May 30

Typical Bank Holiday!

The weather forecast has been accurate so far! Saturday was cold and it rained. Today, Sunday we awoke to the sound of rain hammering against the window = although this seems to have died down we are not anticipating nice weather for the rest of the day, Monday apparently is going to be a nice day!

It seems ages since I wrote anything here, due to just being busy I guess, I do try to keep up with my cookery challenge and am pleased to think I am experimenting with new recipes on a weekly basis! However life goes on and I thought it was time I touched base!

I am pleased to report all is well in the Nesbitt household, Freida has really settled in well and loves her visits to the beach. The calming influence she has is quite opposite to the stress poor Wilma suffered, but Freida enjoys the simple pleasure of sharing a room with any obliging soul! Indeed as I ramble on here she is sleeping on the settee opposite, occasionally checking me out with one big searching eye! Elsie too seems calmer, although she has her moments of sheer thuggery all in all the household is a calmer place.

The hens have truly settled into a routine of delivering lovely fresh eggs on a daily basis and as you can see from the picture even ventured into the house a few weeks ago. This is not to be encouraged as we know what hens do - but they were scratting about by the kitchen patio door hinting they wanted feeding when Elsie trotted in from the garden and poor Eva ran into the house!

It is approaching our annual pigrimage to the Isle of Man for the TT Races. We are staying in Port Erin again, but sadly the hotel was booked up for 2011 would you believe, so we are trying Douglas next year to see the events from a different perspective! Anyway that is a whole year away, we have yet to enjoy this years events! We leave on Friday 4th and stay until June 12th. I have a wedding commission to finish and once this is safely put to bed I can begin preparing for our holiday. All animals are booked in at various kennels/catteries/neighbours and the hens and Jo will be looked after by John and Trish from over the road. It is a good arrangement we have with them, as in 5 weeks when they go to Turkey I will be looking after their hens and cats, so it is a case of returning the favour!

Thos eof you who listen to Radio 2 may have heard me on popmaster a couple of weeks ago! It was so much fun! The questions were unbelievably difficult and I came away with 6 points! But I was proud! A couple of days later I received a postcard from a couple of listeners I have never met - they said how much they had enjoyed listening to me and that there should be more people like me on the programme! I tell you, fan mail eh? lol! Yesterday I was on BBC ! when I phoned in to ask a question - you can see it here, I am on about 1 hour 10 minutes into the programme! lol!

Enjoy the Bank Holiday!
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  1. Gosh - I shall be asking for your autograph soon! Interesting you still have the rain this morning as it has left us and we are having a cold but sunny, blowy day. As you say - typical bank holiday weather.
    Do remember to call in if you are this way.

  2. So, how did the fillet steak turn out? Such fun to hear your voice! I often catch the quiz on R2, and I NEVER get any of the answers right - cudos to you, you're right, that is a very hard quiz.

    And um, how do you and hubby fancy Sunday lunch round at our gaff (grin)? Reckon it's about time, eh?

  3. I'm going to look yu up an lissen to that!!!

  4. I hope you have a great time at the TT races :-)

  5. Hope the steak went well. :)

  6. Your weather sounds like ours -- only ours is supposed to be spring????? Fun post as always, Denise! Have a great week -- well, whatever is left of it there. Hope you get some sunshine!


  7. Denise, Have a wonderful time on the Isle of Man. My daughter and I almost made it there a few years ago. Instead we opted to drive North to Glen Elg where she had spent a few weeks during her academic stint in Scotland - it was a Saturday night as it turns out - quite an experience!

    That is one healthy looking hen!

  8. I like reading about your recipes, but like reading about YOU even more!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. I tend to listen to Radio 2 whenever I am in England, but the last time I was, was in March! I think I did listen to that quiz though and remember it being quite difficult. So good on you for getting six points.

    Have a great time on the Isle of Man!

  10. Congrats on 6 and for getting the hen out of the house! :) Wishing you a pleasant trip!

  11. I was out and about all day on Monday, and yes, it was a typical, cold, cloudy, rain-in-the-air Bank Holiday!

    Love the picture of the hen! And Oooh! You are famous!! Enjoy the TT races!

  12. Fresh eggs every day?! Truly a Treat. I'm envious. Glad all is well with you and yours.

  13. what breed is your hen? My mum got her chicks from her hens,

  14. I hope you enjoy the TT races. I've been to the Isle of Man but not at the right time.


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