Tuesday, March 2

Trivia for Tuesday!

I came across this fun project and decided to join in!

I buy all of Jon's ties, so it was fitting to start the ball rolling with this, my favourite tie. Due to my business I attend many wedding fayres, and indeed it was at one event I saw this tie and had to buy it for Jon! Whenever I attend any function I always try to find a little something for Jon and he was over the moon with this. I love the detail in the tie, especially the road sign! It is appropriate today as our own motorbike is having it's annual MOT test so it will be ready to take us out and about on our adventures!

Believe me it is a very very cold day but Jon found himself a free day so he booked the bike in and set off only moments ago..........

Thanks to Troy for having the brainwave!
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  1. I love that tie! Thanks for stopping by and visiting me. Welcome To Tue Trivia!

  2. Husband used to have one that said "Kiss me, I'm Irish" which was to be worn on St Patricks day. I wonder what happened to that....might be in one of my patchwork quilts now hee hee

  3. Linda, thanks.

    Kath...what a great idea! Hmmmmm!

  4. What a fun tie! I love all the awesome ties that are out there. It gives the guys a chance to have fun with accessories!

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Denise, That is the coolest tie! When I saw the second picture, I thought maybe we were going to see Jon riding the bike and wearing his tie.

    You have my curiousity up though. What is an MOT test?

    Thanks for joining Tuesday Trivia Tie-in this week. I hope to see you next week too!



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