Tuesday, March 30

K is for Kegeree

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We are currently watching the latest round of Masterchef on BBC1. We haven't watched every episode but catch it from time to time. One thing which always amazes me about the people who take part is the way they cook dishes they have never tried or tastedI I mean this is a COMPETITION so if it was me I would make sure the dishes I cooked were tried and tested beyond belief!

A few weeks ago one of the challenges was to cook kegeree. I decided to give it a go as it is something I have never cooked before. I do my own stir fry but with long grained rice. When I saw some proper risotto rice at a reduced price I had to buy some and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use some up. This then are the ingrediants I used:-

500g risotto( arborio)
Olive oil
1 pt stock
2 chopped onions
Spices to taste (cumin, chilli, etc)
Mixed vegetables
4 soft boiled eggs
Cooked flaked mackeral or fish of choice ( I quite fancy trying with monkfish)

Heat olive oil, add onions and cook till golden brown.
Add rice and stir in half the stock.
Cook until absorbed.
Stir in remainder with cooked veg and stir until rice has absorbed liquid and veg is heated thoroughly.
Add fish and cut egg.
Serve straight away!


  1. Sounds good. Did you enjoy it?
    We eat kedgeree quite a lot. I make it with undyed smoked haddock and add a little curry powder to the mix. I can't eat eggs so put chopped hardboiled egg in a side dish for those who want it. I think you can use any fish - I used to make it with tinned salmon occasionally.

  2. Sounds yummy - I do like a good risotto. Mine's up now! :D

  3. OooOoooOoooOooOoooOooo on the look out for new things to tempt my mum to eat... this might have to be tried!

  4. I'm sure you would have won :-)

  5. Love the food challenges you present every week. I had never heard this name before but it does sound delicious.
    My post is up now too.

  6. I've never made kegeree, but I think I will try this does look delicious.

  7. I've never heard of this dish, but it looks great.

  8. I've never heard of it either, but it does look and sound delicious! Guess I'm going to have to try something new!! Have a great week, Denise!


  9. Never heard of this - looks yummy though! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  10. Every Wednesday--come visit Denise and drool.

  11. Now I know what it is...! Thanks.

  12. It looks like rice soup - we call it Khao Tom in Thailand.

  13. Sounds delicious! Wish you lived nearer. I'd drop in for a meal now and then...

  14. Looks so yummy!
    We eat rice with side dishes on a daily basis, usually the long grain rice. Will give this a try .

  15. sounds good, and looks good too ! I am surprised that you have already posted ! it is only 7 am here so 6 in the UK and it's Wednesday now ! Are we starting on Tuesdays ? I mean besides the Australians all the others are rather behind us !

  16. THAT looks so delicious. Very clever K and tasty too!

  17. Sometimes, I almost want to cook. Other times... ;0 This does look yummy!

  18. Hmm .. I wonder if it would work with sardines? They're one of the few fish I can eat!

    I do love rice though, and in particular, risotto rice.

  19. Is kedgeree the same as Gordon Ramsay's risotto? This seems to be evry popular, as I see cookery shows show them as a dish. I ate it once, and didn't like it. Would rather eat Fried rice.

    I agree with your commentary about people having never cooked a certain dish, yest would present it at a competition.

    I love watching all the cooking competition shows. May be it shows I am a better cook. (I know I am not) LOL

  20. It's good that I don't gain weight by rwading your recent ABC posts!! :o)

    Kisses from Nydia.

  21. Hey, Denise, I don't suppose you can e-mail some of that, can you?

    On behalf of your ABC Wednesday team, thank you!

  22. We had Kedgeree this week, but it didn't look half so nice as your as I was NOT allowed to add onion due to fussy recipient (middle daughter!)

    You have one heck of a fancy camera taking such brilliant close-up photos . . . What make is it Denise?

  23. Just popping by to wish you both a happy and peaceful Easter.

    Will contact you next week re our discussion.


  24. This dish is another firm favourite at our house. Hope you have a lovely Easter Denise!


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