Tuesday, December 22

Winter in the Village

Winter has certainly arrived in the village! Today I had to deliver our christmas cards, so armed with my camera and trusty Freida we walked through the village in the cold snow.

Click on the collage for more detail.

Here is Freida afterwards....truly WORN out!
As we sat in the snug I became aware of the WILDLIFE in the garden.
I captured this robin and thrush from the comfort of the settee!

At this time of the year I love comfort food, my particular favourite is Welsh Rarebit!
Tasty and a great way to utilise the eggs the gals produve!

My ultimare recipe.......
Beat up one egg
Grate a good chunk of strong cheddar and work into beaten egg
Add Tabasco, Worcester Sauce to taste. + mustard powder + salt & pepper
Spread onto toast
Grill until golden brown


Finally, last night I captured my hens in their shed, huddling together keeping warm!


  1. You are obviously headed for what must be an OLD Fashioned English Christmas - Merry Christmas!

  2. Great photos.I particularly liked the patchwork collage. You could print those pics off onto fabric and make a Christmas quilt (yeh, like you've nothing else to do):D

  3. Delightful collage Denise and I love the picture of the snoozing Frieda.
    Your recipie sounds yummy. I may have to make me some for lunch.

  4. Oh, I love this post - AND, I love Welsh rarebit! The day I arrived in Cardiff to meet my friend Jane, we went out for lunch and ordered it. good! And great for keeping warm in the winter. Your photos of the birds are wonderful!

  5. That robin! That rarebit! Two of my favourite things in one delightful blog. The rarebit doesn't quite suit our season, but I think I must make some soon!

  6. Rune

    Enough to eat? lol What is it about Christmas!

    The second part of your comment made me howl. How would I be able to transfer the collage onto fabric?


    The recipe is awesome! I have had 2 lots today!

    Food does evoke memories doesn't it! Good Luck in the contest!

    Oh noe rarebit mention again! Hmmmm 3 lots in one day???????

  7. What a lovely village. The photo of Frieda sleeping was so sweet. I too love Welsh rarebit, that sounds like something for dinner tomorrow night. Have a happy holiday season.

  8. Great photos. Loved the collage. Happy Holidays to you.

  9. We have no snow, though we had jsut enought o cause trouble for drivers last week. It can now hold off till after Christmas so we can get over the pass and back.

  10. Great photo of the village, I enjoyed looking a the snow shots.And that recipe sounds so yummy and easy, will give it a try soon.
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and New year. Keep yourself warm.

  11. Lovely pictures, Denise. Yummy Welsh Rarebit!! Frieda must be so happy in her new home. And the beautiful robin, and a thrush...! This is a great post, along with all the beautiful snowy views. We are going into a 'cold' snap a high of 64 tomorrow and down to 45 tonight. We really complain, because our houses are not built tightly for cold weather.

  12. I might try the recipe for the Welsh rarebit, but with Dutch cheese instead of Stilton. And worn-out Frieda looks happy in her sleep!

    Merry Christmas from the Netherlands

  13. great winter photo's awsome happy Christmas wishes and more white you can see on my blog:)


  14. Beautiful photos! Each of them a perfect Christmas card! Merry Christmas and a very happy 2010!

  15. Great photos and I'm sure you'll have a lovely Christmas.

  16. Very atmospheric shots of the snow. Isn't it funny how dogs seem to get so much more tired in snow?

  17. Great post and photos!;-)
    Wish you a blessed Christmas!

  18. Wonderful! I've never had rarebit but it looks delicious and I'm tempted! Happy ABCWednesday and Merry Christmas!

  19. What a great post for the W day! Love your collage and it does look cold! Love the pic of Freida! And the rarebit does indeed look delicious! May have to try one this weekend!

    Thanks for the fun of ABC Wednesday, Denise!
    Wishing you and yours a most wonderful, joyful Merry Christmas!


  20. Oh, look at her! Sid lays just like that, sometimes! How sweet. :)

  21. The collage is such a great idea. You have a lovely village. Happy holidays!

  22. winter weather seems to be a theme; love the action shot, BTW.

    But Worcheshire sauce? Who would have thought more than one person would post that!

  23. Wishing you a happy Christmas and may 2010 be good to you and your family.
    Love Welsh Rarebit... or welsh rabbit as my dad used to say!

  24. Marvellous photos Denise and the Welsh Rarebit looks delicious...Merry Christmas,


  25. Delightful rural scenes, made even more beautiful with the snow! I hope your turkey was large enough and you all had a very merry Christmas!

  26. Wow! That is serious snow!

    Hope your Christmas day was good - it sounds as if it was! And that 2010 will be especially creative and bring new challenges to you and jon.

  27. Love seeing your 'girls' all snuggled together - & thanks for the reminder about Welsh rarebit - haven't had that in years - my mom used to make it - and it sounds good right now.
    Happy holidays!!!

  28. Merry Christmas, my friend. Be warm.

  29. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Hope the New Year brings you Much Love Hugs and Blessings

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  31. Great photos there! Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you'll make it a habit!

  32. Oh, that dog of yours sure lives the good life, doesn't she? (Smile) Thanks for that recipe, I shall give it a go once we (if ever) use up all the Chrismas leftovers! Great photo's, as ever Denise. Hope you have a fab New Year.


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