Monday, December 21

Home Delivery!

Our House Yesterday

Back Garden

Pine Trees at very bottom of garden

Our Drive

It started to snow on Saturday night, about 5pm. It continued to snow throughout the day really on and off! No card passed just the council gritter, a couple of tractors and 4x4's. Jon went to the workshop in the pick-up but had to return for various solutions to deal with the frozen padlock to the compound.

I do not like driving in the snow and was home all day as I was expecting some shopping deliveries. The first phone call came early as we were at the breakfast table. This was from Asda. Apparantly the vans had encountered problems from 5pm Saturday and had not been able to get to some locations, the phone call was just allerting me to some problems that may affect us. He left me with his mobile number and I had a good think. If he could get to either nearby Guisborough or Redcar I had friends who could take delivery and we could go later in 4x4 and collect. Sorted.

The second call came from Tesco, who were delivering our lovely free range turkey for Christmas Dinner. I must admit I panicked when the caller announced they were from Tesco. However it was just to say the delivery would be slightly later, but would arrive within 30 minutes. Phew! 10 minutes later I had the turkey, now safely stored in the cold garage.

Back to Asda, after a couple of calls the delivery chap was on his last delivery in Redcar as he couldn't get any further, so he delivered our shopping to one of our neighbours from 22 years ago when we lived on Castle Road.

John arrived from work and we went to Redcar. The roads were trecherous and although we were Ok in the pick up and Jon is skilled with driving in such conditions, we managed to get to Redcar. There were quite a few cars on the roads, but taking things very carefully. We were greeted by Marjorie and we had a brief exchange of cards & greetings before we headed home.

When we unpacked we discovered several chilled items were missing so despite my best planning efforts and avoidance of having to go out and shop anymore, it would seem I have to and I have concerns about the size of the turkey! I do not think it is big enough to feed 8 hungry people!
What is it about Christmas that sends us up such paths of doubt?

Watch this space!


  1. Very pretty but I remember the dirty brown slush that follows!

  2. Oh yes Brenda! Dont think I will be taking photographs of that scene! lol!

  3. Oh dear, Christmas is stressful enough without all that happening!!

  4. Julie, yes correct! Nipped into Loftus today in the Pick up and got everything I need for Friday! So that is me all done now! Don't need to use the shops at all..........hopefully! If I do the local shop will suffice.

  5. Stay warm and safe indoors now and enjoy Christmas! Kath

  6. Thanks Kath. I just have the village cards to deliver tomorrow and all is done...oh and the presents to be wrapped! I feel OK about it all....I think! lol!

  7. Such lovely photos. The snow seems to have bi-passed us.

  8. That is what I would call an early white Christmas. It sure is pretty.

  9. What a beautiful home and how lovely your gardens and surroundings. The snow just adds to a pretty scene. What a day you had due to the storm. Hope all has settled down and all is purchased and stored away now.

  10. You've had quite the time in the snow. I'm sure all will work out just fine and there'll be lots of food for everyone! :D

  11. Lovely snow, so pretty but so hampering for daily doings.
    I've just had a call from my Ocado delivery man to say he would be at least 4 hours late as the Chuck Wagon was stuck in Birmingham, on it's way to a nearby depot for distribution.
    Good job I ordered it early, as I was going to leave it until Christmas Eve, fingers crossedx

    Have a lovely Christmas, Denise and, a peaceful New Year.


  12. I see you have gotten the snow and the frost too. Not to mention the Christmas "have we got enough of everything"-syndrome :-)

    PS Thanks for the comment. 350 NOK equals about 37-38£ at the moment...

  13. very postcard!!Cherish these holidays . We never get them back - live love and lots of laughter sanyd


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