Sunday, November 15

Resumed......Normal Service

Fingers crossed please!

Last week we recived a phone call from Jill of Cliff Top Kennels, near Scarborough. A German Shepherd had been brought in by Scarborough Council who found it wandering the street. We know Jill well as this is the place we take our dogs. She always had a soft spot for Wilma as she is an animal trainer and behaviourist so she understood Wilma' problems.
Jill told us about the dog and left it with us.
We had a good discussion and told Jill we wanted to take it further. She suggested we take Elsie to the kennels and see how they got along. Yesterday we did this and all seemed to go well. Needless to say I was quite nervous due to the 3years of constant stress arising from Wilma and Elsie together.
As all seemed okay we brought the dog home. Her name seemed to be unclear, either Kia or Kiora. The story was that she had been a family pet but somehow found her way to neighbours who kept her. These neighbours then went on holiday and left her with some other neighbours who kept her but not securely, hence the warden finding her in the street! The warden took the dog to Cliff Top Kennels as they are a registered kennel for such cases in Scarborough. The owners, on holiday were contacted and the situation was explained. They would have to pay the kennel fee of £10 per day whilst she was staying there.
Basically they refused saying the dog wasn't there's really etc etc no, they wouldn't pay and didn't really want the dog back!
Various procedures had to be followed involving he kennels (Jill) The Council and the "Owners" at 5pm on Friday evening the dog became the property of the kennels (Jill)

Last night was her first evening with us and all seems okay.
Yes there have been a couple of scuffles but minor ones, just Elsie bullying her a bit and ascerting who is boss, as we expected.

This morning we took them out for a walk together, around the lanes featured in the photographs above and it was a joy to have a dog each wlaking next to us on their leads, something we haven't been able to do for the past 3 years.

Currently she is lying next to me asleep on the settee sleeping contentedly!

Her name...Frida! After one of my aunties.

So, for the next few days we are hoping she fits in and Elsie accepts her!

Watch this space!
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  1. What a sad story but how kind of you to take her in. I hope all goes well and she and Elsie become good friends. :)

  2. Good luck I hope it all works out OK for you :-)

  3. Welcome Frida! (Apt that you collected her on a Frida y![Sorry, I couldn't resist!]) Hope she settles in soon. And what an awfully typical story of neglect and shirking of responsibilities by her former 'owners' - she deserves better and she'll get it with you!
    Good news at last.

  4. Frida we loong to see you rpictures- do not run away this time sandy

  5. Oh, I so hope it all works out (poor little mutt). Stunning scenery up there, what beautiful photo's, I couldn't think of a happier place for a dog to live.

  6. I'm sure it were to go wrong it would have happened by now. Frida will be so glad to have a caring, loving home that she will be a little gem.

  7. Nice for all four of you! I'll keep my fingers crossed - also for the weather I see on the photos :-)

  8. Your new dog Frida(y) will settle down well I hope - you sound so relieved that I'm sure of it.

  9. The poor dog! I hope she really settles well with you, and enjoys having a settled home. It will be so nice for you to have two dogs who are friendly with eachother.

  10. I am so sorry to hear about Wilma's demise. My deepest condolences. Even though I never met her I felt like I knew her from this blog.

    God bless you and your new dog.

  11. How wonderful of you to take in Frida. What a lovely place for dogs, all that lovely field to run and romp in. And how nice it must be for each of you to walk side by side with a dog!

  12. Good luck with your new baby, Denise, and welcome to the blog world Frida, I'm sure we will all be hearing many stories about you. And make sure you treat Elsie well, we don't want hear about any more visits to the vet!

  13. What a beautiful idea - you rescued a little pup and now you have the beginnings of a happier home!

    I hope the get along swimmingly!

  14. Welcome home, Frida! You couldn't possibly have a more loving family.

  15. Welcome Frida! You've found yourself a good - proper - home now so be a good girl and you're made!

    Lovely news. Hope it all works out.

  16. A happy life to you Frida! I wish you and your human family well. Big doggy hug XX

  17. I surely hope Frida works out well for you and Elsie. Any time I lost a cat I just had to have another one to fill the hole, but I know not everybody is like that. Looking forward to hearing good news about the new family and hope to see a photo of her soon. Thanks for waving to Flamborough for me! I got a bit homesick last night looking at photo's of F. all over the web.

  18. She is so fortunate to have found a loving home. I am praying that all continues the way it needs to. Her previous owners do not deserve to own animals.


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