Monday, October 19

Wilma needs our Thoughts!




At lunchtime today I went to collect the gazette from the wall, just along from our house. Wilma stopped in our drive, but when I checked that the village nuisance dog was not about I signalled for her to come with me for the few yards.

Unfortunately the nuisance dog in question was laying hidden from us, so as we passed it bolted, strtled Wilma who ran after it, over the road. I shouted Wilma and she returned, faithful as she is, running towards the same time as a car, not doing 30 mph sped into view, hurtling Wilma a few feet up the road.

Her cries were blood curdling and so so obvious an indication of her pain, shock and anguish.

We lifted her into the back of the van and sped off to the vets, where she remains.
Sedated, on a drip and having helpful drugs administered.

She needs our thoughts right now, so much appreciated.
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  1. Poor Wilma I hope she is feeling much better soon.

  2. Oh poor girl, thankfully she is under the care of the professionals. You must be so worried. My family and my dogs will be thinking of her and wishing her well. Kath x

  3. Oh Denise! You must have been horrified to witness this! Of COURSE we have Wilma in our thoughts and prayers. Hopefully, no lasting damage. Sending hugs to you and gentle ones to Wilma!

  4. So very sorry about Wilma. I certainly will keep your dear Wilma in my thoughts!

  5. Oh my God, how horrible. Wilma has the face of a shepard I had years ago. This so tugs at my heart. Hope all turns out well.

  6. O, this just breaks my heart! Many many prayers and hugs are coming your way for your Wilma - I am so very very sorry. Here's to good news, Denise, only good news.

  7. Wilma has my prayers tonight.
    I am so sorry.

  8. I'm thinking about you, Wilma, and keeping my fingers crossed.... don't worry, girl, the doc knows what to do!

  9. Hugs for all of you. The dogs send their sympathy and best wishes for a quick recovery!

  10. I'm very sorry to hear this Denise, I know how much you adore her. I'm sending our best wishes for her speedy recovery.

    Get well soon Wilma.

    Gary, Lesley & Emily.

  11. Ohh, poor dog !
    J'espère qu'il va vite aller beaucoup mieux !
    Petite caresse amicale à ce brave toutou !

  12. Am late reading this horrific news - poor Wilma!
    Do hope by now you have some positive news.
    Gentle pats & pets to her.

    Love & hugs

  13. Wilma Update

    10am just rang vets. Wilma is about to have anaesthetic so they can examine her spine & pelvis. We have to phone at 2pm for results. Thanks for thoughts and prayers, keeping us going.

  14. So sorry to hear about Wilma, hopefully she'll be all right soon.

  15. Poor Wilma - I hope the news will be positive for you all.

  16. Poor girl, poor girl!! I imagine the fright you all must have felt! Hope she recovers asap!

    Kisses from us.


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