Sunday, October 22

October 22nd - Catching up.

I an having a day off today - a hectic yet rewarding weekend. Saturday saw one of the busiest coffee mornings in the village hall.
We always like to try out new ideas - well new to us anyway. We held a Baking Contest! From working with other village hall groups we have good relations with our local W.I. One of these days I'll join, but Cynthia and Anne agreed to act as judges and what an excellent job they did too. We had 5 entrants - all from the village. £2 per submission - some entered more than 1 category and winners received a tea for 2 voucher at our local tearoom, together with a wooden spoon and teatowel. They were all really excited - so next moth we will have another competition - savoury theme. Cheese scone.
The appleas have been prolific and as we were holding a cider festival on Saturday night we kept the apple theme running through the day. One neighbour baked some apple pies and another neighbour gave us some leeks he had grown. We took leeks, and apples to our butcher who made them into our very own Village sausages. They flew off the shelf and sold out. Definitely do this again next November's coffee morning.
In our local co-op one of the workers told me about his hobby of making cider! He was really keen to be involved - basically a couple of months ago i dropped off a few carriers of our apples which he and his pal turned into the most delicious cider I have ever tasted - it was so popular last night at the Festival!
Life slows down this next week and today my feet are certainly up!


  1. Sounds like you're having a ball.

  2. We had another bumper crop this year of apples - our freezer is so full - even I am tired of apple crumble! I am vegetarian but Leek and apple sausages sound quite nice.

  3. Oh My Goodness this looks so good I want some.
    You have been so busy but it sounds wonderful to me.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I know from your FB page you're always busy! Homemade cider making could be you're next project maybe?

  5. I wish I lived in your village!


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