Monday, September 4


The East Cleveland Scarecrow Festival 2017 was a great success with new villages joining in. I am humbled to be honest and am now referred to as "The Scarecrow Lady!" It could be worse I suppose!

The Scarecrows appeared in Liverton Village - Liverton Mines - Skinningrove - Carlin How - Loftus - Easington - Boosbeck. Guisborough experimented and will join in next year as did Marske by the Sea.


  1. Our village had its scarecrow festival last month it certainly livens up the place doesn't it.

  2. Nice to read your comment Denise. I haven't moved yet as the will is still in Probate but I have a bungalow to go to as soon as everything is finalised. I miss the farmer dreadfully but must carry on and so am busy - I am learning the ukulele and have joined the local band - also a book group and a writing group. I just must not sit at home moping. I have very good friends around me too. Any time you feel like popping over please do - let me know though as I am so rarely in. Four of us - all widows - go out for Sunday lunch every week and a friend and I go out for lunch two or three times in the week two. Keeps me going.

  3. What great scarecrows - so creative and fun. Perhaps I will time a visit to my mum's in Yarm next year with your festival - I know she would love to see them too.


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