Tuesday, November 3

Q is for Quiet......but not for long.

Last Friday, 30th October I organised a breadmaking workshop at our village hall. It proved very popular with 22 joining up. It was led by a local baker, Ed of Backyard Bakery. He discussed his philosophy with us and we had a great morning. We all came away with some bread which we baked at home as we only have one oven in the hall.

I made soup for lunch and it was great to see everybody getting along and having fun. There was a range of people attending - neighbours, people who had heard via facebook and a few of my friends from pottery class.

Saturday was our Pumpkin Fest. Children carved their pumpkins, we served refreshments/lunch, guess the name of the wizard, guess the weight of the pumpkin,  traditional skittles and a raffle.

The proceeds from both events gave us a total of £420 for our fundraising.

We are currently working alongside the Town Council to secure funding for Christmas Tree lights. Usually the village pub has a tree but past years have seen this not take place. At a local council meeting we were invited to discuss the lights in the borough. Our village have none so as they have been given some funding they encouraged us to submit a bid - which we have done. We feel the tree should be outside the village hall as this is the focus of the village. Watch this space as we await results. The decorations and tree need to be in situ by November 20th so when I say quiet, I may be this week (and I have a cold) but life will once again get bust very soon.

ABC Wednesday Q for Quiet.


  1. You make the thought of living in a village very tempting:-)

  2. Although i live in a city.... it (thank god) feels like a village .... born and raised in one, that feels the most wonderful.

    Have a nice abc-day/-week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  3. Hope you have a speedy recovery from that darn cold.
    I don't know what your village would do without you....yes I do.....NOTHING!
    Where do you get your energy and all the great ideas?

  4. Delightful post and photos ~ Quiet comes ~ Quiet goes ~ 'wave of life' ~

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  5. You sound so enthusiastic Denise and seem to be a real kingpin in the local village life.

  6. Mrs Nesbitt,
    What a magnificent effort in your fund raising, now you really must be QUIET and rest as much as
    you can, to get rid of that pesky cold.
    love Di.
    ABCW team.xx

  7. These pictures remind me of The Great British Baking Show which I wouldn't miss for enything - well, hardly anything. It must have been a delightful day and I wish you good luck with your fund raising.

  8. What a fabulous class that might have been.


  9. The breadmakers must've made some great music pounding away at their dough. And, I can imagine the village smelling heavenly of baking bread that afternoon.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  10. This seems like so much fun. I enjoy group activities. Like Su..sieee said the smell of baking bread is indeed heavenly.


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