Tuesday, September 2

Hidden garden.

I am blogging once a week at the moment - believe me the other days are spent working very hard in the garden, housework and Jon's business. Today however the weather is cooler and whilst we are expecting it to be sunny later at least it gives me time to catch up on what's been happening.

In our back garden we have a shrubbery which we have added to since moving here. It's home to an old crab apple tree and various shrubs, roses and flowers. I am looking at changing this somewhat, but at the moment it's okay...ish.

One of my favourite shrubs is the Hydrangea - the large established one on the right was here when we moved in.

These two new mopcap ones were a bargain at £7.50 each at B&Q. Like many garden centres bargains are in abundance right now - can't wait to see them develop over the next few years.

Beyond the shrubbery.......

Down the stone path between the laburnum tree and raised shrub bed.....

Is another large area of the garden - my favourite part to be honest. The established plum trees, originally part of the orchard on the village green  (where our house was eventually built) line the stream which runs through the bottom of our land.

I have spent many days clearing, weeding and thinning out this area. Still a way to go but I must admit I do find weeding quite rewarding. Pulling the nettles - feeling the roots popping across the garden and eventually coming out in a huge clump! The stings are an added pleasure - NOT! It comes back to us not using any chemical weedkillers due to the hens. Whilst they are suitable to use where pets are brushing amongst them - it is quite a different matter when the hens EAT the weeds etc, digest them and then produce eggs which we eat.

To prove my point - along came Bev to find some grubs for a quick snack!

In the background is another area of weeds which I am working on - this is the bottom area of the paddock and whilst it is on a slope we need to have it cleared.

There is also another dry stone wall. Again this was overgrown when we moved here and I spent one summer digging out the huge clumps of grass and earth.

As I was weeding away I could hear a scratting sound - looking through the greenery I saw Eva enjoying a paddle in the stream, catching treats from the surface of the water. Wherever I work in the garden a HEN always seems to be close by!
So onwards and upwards...lots to be getting on with. Week H in my garden challenge - I am getting there!


  1. I love your garden as it is so I hope you'll keep the essence of it.
    I can see though that you have a lot to cope with but you do an admirable job.
    How lovely to see the hens close by and to hear and feel their presence.
    Not good to think of the grubs that might go into the manufacturing of the eggs! No not good. Don't remind me!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  2. I can see all your hard work will eventually pay off Denise - it is taking shape.

  3. I'm constantly amazed by the size of your garden. You certainly have your work cut out but I admire you just getting stuck in. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. It has some lovely nooks and crannies that must be very interesting for your birds to explore.

  4. Having a garden in the country is a constant battle with Mother Nature..she has her own ideas about landscaping!
    Jane x

  5. Looking good Denise, all your hard work is paying off!
    I know what you mean about the hens, hey are constantly calling me if I'm not in the garden, or if they are not is getting a bit of a 'moonscape' look lol!

  6. Lovely - when are you opening for visitors?

  7. Your garden is huge compared to mine, but it is truly lovely. Lorne spends hours watering our summer flowers and keeping things tidy so I can't imagine how much time you spend on yours. Glad you enjoy it, though.

    abcw team

  8. That's a lot of ground to take care of. How nice to have it, though. Fun to have hidden spots to explore.

  9. We are always HAPPY to visit your garden!


  10. It's almost like a secret garden, the more you pull back the weeds and unwanted shrubs another little haven appears, lovely, truly lovely, Denise xx di.xx

  11. Ah, the hens may look like ordinary chickens, but really they are your secret guardians in an enchanted garden. Is there any place to sit in your favorite part?

  12. Don't you just love when you clean and weed and suddenly something wonderful appears.
    You are doing a wonderful job on your garden.
    I am very envious of the lush green and mossy walls.
    You know how much I enjoy seeing your chickens.

    cheers, parsnip

  13. I love your garden, - it is so inviting. Look for me amongst the shrubbery!!!

  14. You've got your work cut out Denise, but you'll get there.
    I remember weeding the tiny border I had at the farm, behind a large escallonia shrub. Something moved.. And all of a sudden there was a duck beak inches from my fork, waiting for grubs.

  15. Sounds like hen heaven, you pulling the weeds out and them finding what lovely grubs you've uncovered.

  16. I'm exhausted just reading and looking through your blog...all the best♪

  17. My goodness. You have a huge back garden. We have one of the largest in the park at about 25 x 40 ft. and think it is a lot of work. How nice to have the chucks 'helping' you.

  18. Visiting your garden via these images is a pleasant experience. The presence of the pecking hen added the X factor to the scene.

  19. Wow, what a vast garden...Love this space with hydrangea. You must have big fat green thumb!

  20. What a great garden you have! I just love your Hydrangeas!

  21. I always love seeing your garden so much. It just seems so peaceful and cozy. And I always love the hens!


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