Tuesday, August 5


I told you I had plans for the poor little hanging basket I rescued from Asda! A week on and it's delightful!

I know my chickens are popular, so I thought I would share a DAY with the gals.
8am or thereabouts they greet the world. Olwyn always first to leave the front door. 

 Early morning food search - grubs etc. together with the grain I put out for them.


Like tourists make a bee-line for favourite sun loungers, so the girls have their favourite sun bathing spots. The cool hedge being a big hit!

Some, like Eva prefer the privacy of the shrubs.

Even if it's raining the girls love to search for grubs - the rain always brings them to the surface.

We discourage them from sitting on the roof but they have sat there before.

After a morning of sunbathing and food expeditions lunchtime brings home the worker and that means treats! A cheese scone in this case.

Serious business....egg laying. Each girl has her preferred time to return to the henhouse.

Whilst we are having glorious weather the all important dustbath!

As the afternoon passes the girls explore the field next to the house - usually for a couple of hours.

Being independent after a supper of golden rice ( a particular favourite) they make their way to bed. 

I lock the door and they give me one last glance through the window before settling down for the night.

My DAYS have been very busy in the garden and I am so pleased with the progress.
Have a good day and watch this space.
D, for ABC Wednesday - through my garden which has to feature the gals.


  1. I love the bucket nest box for egg-laying Denise - and how kind that John shares his scone with a hen - an exchange really - an egg for a bit of scone.

  2. One day I will have chickens, they are delightful. In the meantime I can always enjoy yours!

  3. Lucky girls having all that space to wander around in.

  4. What a lovely post. Your girls look like they have a lovely life with you. I bet they give you lovely tasty eggs in return.

  5. Happy hens! Thanks for sharing their day.

  6. Delightful indeed - such lucky chickens.

  7. Lovely that they have so much space to enjoy. Lucky girls.

  8. I love this post today. You live in such a beautiful place and the ladies have a wonderful life.
    And after all the sad post I have been blogging about this was I ray of light.
    Thank Goodness I almost done with two weeks of writing about what it is like living in a border city and state. And I have only touched the surface. It is so sad.

    You know how much I love your chickens !

    cheers, parsnip

  9. It's so much fun to watch the girls roll about in the dust! How are you enjoying the eggs? Silly question!

    abcw team

  10. Happy hens, happy pictures. :)

  11. Aww! Loved this post Denise!
    To anyone still thinking about having chickens in their back yard.........get some before you can't remember what a chicken is lol! They are so inquisitive and I love the way they run up to see you when you go out the back door, on the off-chance there maybe a tasty morsel in your hand!
    Cheese've set me off Denise, I'll have to make a small batch now!
    Sandie xxx

  12. Delightful Days,
    if you had a few more 'Cluckies' Denise you'd soon be getting your 'Daily Dozen'.
    I still haven't forgotten the divine flavour of the mouth watering flavour of the eggs that you gave us, to take home, when we came for lunch a couple of years ago, (We were returning home from a holiday 'Ooop North') and we were invited for lunch , as we were passing by.
    A memorable meal and great fun , meeting 'the Girls' and the rest of the Nesbitt 'furries'.

  13. Truly delightful :-)

  14. How sweet! My wife and I were out driving this weekend and passed some of the small farms here, and I saw someone's chickens on the lawn and thought that would be nice to have some. One day... Thanks for the great pictures.

  15. I remember having a bantie hen as a pet when I was very little. I can vaguely remember her pecking in the garden between our house and the one next door. As I think back, it seems amazing that they allowed chickens where we lived in the suburbs of Los Angeles, but those were different times. I remember the people who had a house at the end of the alley. They raised eating chickens and had lots running around in their back yard. - Margy

  16. Dustbath is a favourite with all:)

  17. More grubs in their beaks and less on your plants, the perfect pets. They do indeed look to be having a delightful time.

  18. I love your chickens! They are on their way to fame with exposure on the web.

  19. Happy hens can running, eat eautifull grass, greeting from Belgium


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