Tuesday, March 25

K if for Kofta, Kheema and Korma

For Mother's Day this Sunday, the family are coming here for a curry festival - a change from a traditional dinner. Curries are so much easier to prepare in advance and freeze, so that on the day itself I can load up the heated trolley next to the dining table and enjoy time with the family. I did the curry festival last year and decided to try a few new curries......Click on the links below to see ingredients.

Kheema Curry (Beef) with Saffron Rice

Kofta Biryani


This is my K contribution to ABC Wednesday.


  1. yum. i love biryani and kofta.

    frankly my dear

  2. You really do love your curries don't you Denise? I must say that I have never really made a successful one yet and so am really put off the idea of trying again.

  3. yummy,yummy! Having been in Indonesia when I was a child makes me a real fan of the Indonesian and Chinese food.
    Have great week.
    Wil,ABCW Team

  4. I love curry dishes and Indian food. Happy Mothersday on Sunday!

  5. You're making me hungry again...

  6. What a lucky family to have such a feast.

  7. I love it when you put up recipes of Indian food. Gives it a quaint and a very different perspective. That sounds like a perfect menu.

  8. ooh, can I be an honorary cousin? :-D

  9. Those three K's made me hungry. Love "K"urry in all forms. :P

    Have a great Mother's day on Sunday!! :)

  10. I'll be right over - I AM family, right? lol

    abcw team

  11. I love curry and whenever I make one it is different from previous ones, I don't follow a recipe I just rummage around in the spice cupboard and see what I come up with,,
    I'm ,rather fond of a Korma with a twist by adding red and green chillies I know it should be a mild curry so throwing a few chillies in certainly gives it a twist!
    I shall read through your recipes and see what I fancy I remember that you made delicious curried vegetables when we visited you awhile ago, that evokes warm memories, I love a soft boiled egg with a curry too!......Happy ABC Wednesday, although it is Thursday! lol Di..xx

  12. I love being organized like this so I can relax and enjoy my guests. It looks Really Good!


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