Tuesday, July 23

B is for a Bike Adventure - from the very start!

As a woman and a blonde at that I can change my mind - as hubby will confirm, I do it often. I WAS going to use our garden as my theme for Round 13 of ABC Wednesday, but it was causing me concerns - the garden is something we are dealing with and it WILL take time. When the weather is good whilst others spend time in the garden - we like to get the motorbike out and tootle off on an adventure.

As a bikers wife of some 25 years I am aware that a biker is always on the look out for "the next bike!" We have had a few bikes in our time together, in fact they were the names of our tables at our recent silver wedding celebration. I am also aware of the various phases that bikers pass through. We have done the sportsbike phase a few years ago in fact we toured France on a 2002 Honda Fireblade...
 (2005 Returning from France)
On our return Jon decided a change of bike was in order as the Fireblade was not the most comfortable bike to tour on.......we then bought our current main bike, another Honda a CB1300.
To date, the best motorbike we've far!

(2012 Isle of Man - Parliament Square, Ramsey
A couple of months ago Jon mentioned his interest in a cruiser type of motorbike - so after a tootle about and some research he decided to go for an Italian bike, a Moto Guzzi. Here is our latest addition.

We are just on the crest of a wave of a whole set of adventures on our latest purchase - so what better theme than that! We are still keeping the CB1300 but this will be for a whole different phase/image  f our motorbiking fun!
Hope you enjoy the ride!

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  1. I've only ridden on a bike once in my life and it was very exhilarating! You're a lucky blonde! lol

    abcw team

  2. I hope you all have many fun rides on the new bike. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  3. Oh I'm a biker wantabe! I have ridden on the back of a couple bikes, and those are treasured memories. The closest I have to a Harley, is a key chain, check book cover, and mug...teehee. Loved your picture...You go Girl!!!!

  4. This will be an adventure for us too.
    I will love traveling with you vicariously on your bike.
    Incidentally Happy 25 years!!

  5. Oh that looks lovely. We are pleased with our new Honda Deauville - and I especially like the red colour! You have 2 cool helmets there as well!

    summer blessings- happy and safe journeys xx

  6. Love the last bike what a beauty !

    cheers, parsnip

  7. What a special activity for you two. We have several couples in our church who ride together on all kinds of trips. I love the new bike.

  8. Wow - what a way to travel together. Never been on a bike and probably never will - but sure envy you the freedom!

  9. It looks like you've made a very nice adjustment to your riding experience...hope the 'Guzzi takes you both far with fun!

  10. My brother had a British motorcycle a long time ago...1967, I think, or '68...a Triumph, and I believe it was called a Triumph Brittania.
    When my much younger brother and I were in Australia in 1982, we discovered Aussies call motorcyclists "bikees" or "bikeys" (not sure how they spell it) and we had a good giggle over that. Can just imagine a North American biker being called a bikey.
    Many of my friends have had touring bikes, sometimes his'n'hers bikes, but I have no sense of balance so I've never wanted to ride one, not even as a passenger.
    Looks like you and Jon have a great time, however!

  11. I have learned that what we call a bike in Holland is not a bike. I should say "push bike"or cycle.Well you see from my post, that cycles are a means of transport not to be ignored in my country! Have a lot of fun on your bikes! They are beautiful machines.
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  12. Great photos of you zipping past the camera. Moto Guzzi are fab bikes.

  13. I hope it wends its way to our farm one day soon Denise (and Jon)


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