Tuesday, June 11

V is for...Vacation.

Bing and Elsie spent a vacation together at Cliff Top Kennels, just outside Scarborough.
We watched as they were taken to their kennel.

They had a great time and Elsie showed Bing the ropes.  Ella also stayed in the cattery here whilst Freida spent the time with her favourite neighbour, Joyce. Whilst we were away we often wondered how Bing would be getting on with his first holiday away but we assured ourselves that Elsie would be talking to him in doggy speak telling him that we would be back and we would be back to normal.

Well we are back and things are back to normal - well as normal as things go in the Nesbitt household!

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  1. Welcome back !
    Hope you and the pets too, had a lovely time. Except Ella who probably disliked everyday just because she is a cat. So being a cat she really had a good time too.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. So glad you ALL had a great vacation!

    abcw team

  3. I'm so glad Bing had Elsie to show him the ropes of kennel visiting. I hope all are well now that you're back.

  4. I think putting Bing with his pal was a brilliant idea. I'm sure he missed you both but now you are back he will realise that going to kennels is not forever. Hope you enjoyed the TT.


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