Monday, January 14

It's snowing! Edited for Kath!

  Scenes from our village.

The Churchyard

St. Michael's Church

Handale Lane

Moorsholm Lane

The view from our drive

Ronnie's sheep


and the little fella gets shown the garden pond by Freida!


Not as clear as these were taken on my phone.
Off for his second vaccination at 4pm - well we are setting off at 4. We have to drive (well Jon does) over the moor road!


  1. OOh how lovely!

    What does the little fella think of it? I don't believe you haven't taken any pics of him LOL

    1. As if by magic, here he is! He looks so small and fluffy next to Freida.
      How lovely to be a puppy, with all the world to explore.

  2. Beautiful landscapes. I love snow!

  3. hahahahahaha... I knew little Bing would show up somewhere in the snowy landscape. Very sweet.
    Looks like he was interested in the snow and of course Freida was there to show him around.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. I love the first snows. The boys cannot wait to get out in the snow but by the time we got back from school it was too dark they will just have to wait until tomorrow!!

  5. It looks pretty but I'm glad we haven't got any. ;)

  6. You have had a fine sprinkling there, it has been raining here.

  7. Beautiful. Especially the view from your drive! Only rain here too. :(

  8. All such great images but that first one of the graveyard is stunning

  9. Snow! I didn't know it was falling in your neighborhood. Especially like the graveyard scene.

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  11. Beautiful photos, stunning scenery. We just have rain!
    Sarah x


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