Tuesday, April 24

O is for Olwyn!

Olwyn left, Margie right.


Eva left, Olwyn right.



Olwyn left....Eva has to be in!

I can tell this brown hen is Olwyn - Mabel and Ernest are always together.
They were enjoying a dustbath in the hedge with May.

Olwyn making her way to the hedge...

Olwyn settling down for some afternoon sunshine!

It's a wonder I get any work done....but I did, thanks to Jill coming over.
Wew have a photo shoot on Thursday featuring a current wedding commission - but the activity outside was too good to miss!

Back to work!

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  1. Love your lady friends, Olwyn in particular. I think I would be watching them too.
    Have a great week Denise and have fun at your photo shoot.

  2. What a fun post! I bet you have lots of fun just watching their antics...will I get to taste some of their bounty? ;)

    abcw team

  3. Olwyn is adorable! I liked his mate, Eva, too, and thought Mabel and Ernest were pretty special as well. I'd like to think all four are pets that will live a long, happy life with you, but if not, it is wonderful to see that they get to enjoy lots of outdoor time. They look truly contented to me. This is the first time I've visited your blog, but will be back for sure. Thanks also for your encouraging comment on my first ABC post. It was much appreciated :)

  4. I think they'd be great fun to watch every day!

  5. I just love the fact that your hens have names and you know all their distinctive personalities. Great stuff, Denise!

  6. They are such characters aren't they, our hens are an endless source of amusement. Lovely photos of the hens.

  7. When I spend time with my birds (pigeons) I am unaware of time....animals know how to live.
    Jane x

  8. Funny narrative! You are a hoot!
    But you knew that...
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  9. Gorgeous chooks! I don't blame them for enjoying the sunshine, my chooks are so fed up with the rain, they can't wait for a dustbath!

  10. Yea ! a chicken post ! happy happy happy !
    I love the photo with Olwyn and Eva pokes her head in... reminds me of the same antics that one of The Square Ones would pull off.

    I wouldn't get any work done either.

    cheers, parsnip

  11. Pix of Olwyn are a wyn-wyn!

  12. Happy, healthy and giving lots of eggs. Until we were visited by Henrietta a couple of years ago I never realized what fun chooks are.

  13. They are beauties and you took some great shots of them. This post reminds me that it has been a while since I've photographed my neighbor's hens. I'll have to do that soon. My city allows chickens in subdivision but no roosters are allowed. Quite a few people in my neighborhood have hens. Carver, ABC-Wed.Team

  14. I grew up in a farm and I miss having chicken around!

    O is for....
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  15. i love watching those chubby hens..

    dropping for ABC Wednesday

  16. Nice to see your hens enjoying life Denise. Olwyn the hen does have a certain ring about it.

  17. Olwyn looks like a character. I would be tempted to watch and photograph her often.

  18. They are happy hens and nice to watch inbetween card making xx

  19. Hello.
    Your friends sure do look happy. That Olwyn is a real showoff! (LOL) Nice photos. Thanks for sharing and visiting.

    Open The Curtains Of Your Heart

  20. Just caught up on the chickens. I like posts about them!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  21. The woman who took care of me when I had all my trouble is called Olwyn. You hen is the second person called Olwyn.

  22. I need technical advice, when I try to post photos, most of the time, I get this.

    Information from this secure page will be submitted to a page that is not secure on

    Submitting sensitive information is strongly discouraged.

  23. Olwyn is lovely, as are all her friends, but I am most charmed by Eva and your photo of her stealing Olwyn's limelight! Chickens are such delightful beings with such personalities - I'd never get anything done either, always wanting to cuddle them and enjoy their antics.


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