Sunday, January 8

New Year Stuff!

Over the past few days I have been doing some hand sewing - the lounge curtains to be precise. My talanted neighbour, Anne is an absolute whizz with anything fabric, in particular curtains and helped me (well did) pin the hems on the curtains. My job was to hand stitch them and I must say how much I have enjoyed doing them. Quite theraputic I must say, especially with the radio for company. Obviously each curtain took a while and indeed I have one more to do today, but having a break I have found and bought 2 interesting books - thanks to one click buying from Amazon. I reckon by the time I have finished the curtain and lining and  ironed all the curtains I will be ready for another little project, ideally and hopefully the books will be a source of inspiration. I think it will be a great project for New Year.....reading many blogs that feature knitting and crochet projects always make me feel inadequate - I can't knit or mum spent endless hours trying to teach me. I did consider trying to learn YET AGAIN but felt the sewing idea was a better option as I have the basic knowledge and would not be liable to "throw the towel in" when things did not go to plan - as I fear would be the case with a knitting or crochet project.

I certainly have an idea for some cushion this space!

Infact I have joined in here.....


  1. I bought "sewing 101" to teach me to sew. So far,I've placed the book it on the shelf... and it looks nice there!
    Jane x

  2. Isn't it strange....... if I had to choose between knitting/crocheting or sewing..... then it wouldn't be sewing! The other two are relaxing sewing is not. (For me)

    Though I did used to sew clothes for my daughter & myself in the days when it was normal to get patterns and there were so many material shops about,
    I do agree that the radio is a very good thing to keep you occupied while doing such hobbies. I have the radio on much of the time during the day.
    Enjoy your new projects.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. It sounds most relaxing. I have been considering handwork again - haven't touched my projects for years!

  4. Sewing is something that I really can't and don't want to do! I have to confess that years ago, if something lost a button then that was it, the something was never worn again. I'm not that bad now, I can at least manage that and if I really have to - and mostly I do have to because I have short legs -I will turn up trousers. I wish I liked sewing, it would be great to be able to make curtains, they are so expensive. Also those hearts on the front of the book look delightful, they would make a nice gift for someone.

  5. "Make Me, I'm Yours" is a totally wonderful title, Denise. I love it.
    I can't sew at all, and once had to edit a book called "20 Sewing Projects for the Bathroom" which turned out to mean, not things you can sew while sitting in the loo, but thingsto sew FOR the bathroom. I had to drive hundreds of miles to stay with a friend who could sew, because the author's directions were so bad I couldn't edit them. My friend had to make each of the projects, while I wrote down what she had done to make them.
    I wish I had written "Make Me, I'm Yours" however.

  6. I love the look of Make Me I'm Yours. Will have to check that out for our Sewing Club girls [always a good excuse!]

    blessings x

  7. Good for you!
    I'll be sewing hems on curtains soon, I bought little light ones in Ikea and they're waaaaay too long, on purpose I suppose.
    I find hand-sewing grand, but when it comes to taking out and setting up the machine, I don't like it and do stuff by hand instead, even if it takes longer.
    Have you looked on that Pinterest website? Lots of blogs I follow have featured interesting projects from it.

  8. My daughter is learning how to crochet. she''s getting help from her mother, because I'm hopeless...

  9. Denise those books look interesting, maybe small projects for craft

  10. Love Jane's comment, very funny!!!

    I have been too busy reading to sew, but must get back into it.

    Gill in Canada

  11. oh i love Helen Phillips book, i must say i have done sewing and crochet and even though i find crochet relaxing i find sewing even more so x

  12. I enjoy knitting and am knitting an Arran cardigan at present but can't get the hang of crochet work. I find it difficult holding and working the crochet needle.

  13. I really can't sew - pathetic isn't it?! I'm hoping to get some swags and tails up in the lounge this year as that room has 3 huge sage windows that look quite bare!

    CJ x


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