Tuesday, January 29

C is for Chewing.

What's it going to be a silicone cupcase, a bed or a chew.......

a cupcase!

When we decided to look for a German Shepherd puppy I did a considerable amount of background reading. Chewing is a major feature of the development of a puppy and should be encouraged. We bought a selection of various chewing toys and Bing uses them all. Ofcourse he has his favourites which, if left to his own devices would happily munch through my UGG boots, Jon's glasses, computer wires and coal! The minute we see him going for any of these we have a firm NO and immediately throw him one of his own proper chews. On a night time if we are in the snug we are constantly watching Bing to make sure he isn't chewing something he shouldn't be. We tried to ensure the house was puppy safe but I can assure you Bing will still route out something he fancies, all power for the course!

Here he is enjoying one of the proper chews. After a good chewing session he sleeps for a couple of hours.....infact as I am typing his head is on my boots and I can hear him snoring. (I wont disturb him by videoing him yet again - he has had quite a video session so far and it is only 10.30am! lol!

He continues to grow and by the end of the week he will be ready for his new collar. He has a Cage which he uses when he has his meals. This is for his own safety and convenience rather than anything else. One of the areas of conflict with any group of dogs occurs over food. He would quite happily walk away from his food and seek out either Freida's or Elsie's, so he eats his in his cage allowing Elsie and Freida time to eat theirs.

If we have to leave him, be it just for a couple of hours we put him in his cage, but I put a variety of small snacks which he has to "find". This detracts him from the fact he has been left alone, but he still has the company of Freida or Elsie in the kitchen which must be a reassurance. He never soils his cage, again whilst we are toilet training him, and he is doing very well, we do not want to cause any set-backs. Whenever we return we immediately let him out into the garden so he can relieve himself.

Other C's  he has to deal with are the chickens and the cat. Whilst he is allowed outside without his lead first thing on a morning, when the chickens are in the garden he wears his lead and I ensure he stays by my side. As for Ella the cat - Bing is on a steep learning curve. Ella stands her own ground and if he gets too close when he is barking at her out comes a warning paw! Ella however does not scratch him (yet) and seems to treat him with an understanding.

ABC - C for Chewing and has to be for Cute too don't you think?
C is also for Class - we start puppy training tomorrow!
Watch this space!


  1. I often think that puppy training should be renamed...people training!
    Jane x

    1. Yes good one Jane lol. Bing is keeping both of us on ou toes....to say the least.

  2. Puppies love anything to do with feet - shoes, boots, slippers, socks - and toes! If you can bear it, let him lick your feet - it's very relaxing.

    1. He does nibble my boots J I fear he may bite my toes just yet. On a morning he nibbles my nose lol!

  3. Oh the joys of puppy owning LOL
    I didn't go through this, as I adopted older dogs from a rescue, but they did chew the odd thing while they were settling in, the spine of my diary was an early casualty!

    1. To be honest Kath we wouldn't have done so well without Elsie and Freida bless. xxxx We have had a few casualties too.

  4. I am amazed at how quickly he is growing. I love seeing the ears perked up now. Puppies are like having babies around. They will find the one thing they shouldn't have.
    Happy Puppy School tomorrow.

  5. You will have to show us videos of his training class. I guess D will be for "disobedience" next week...LOL! Just kidding!

    abcw team

  6. I won't wish you luck with the training class as - from what you've written of him so far - I think Bing will be a star pupil!

  7. As long as the chewing is only on his own possessions! Don't envy you all that puppy training.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  8. Have fun tomorrow.
    He's still gorgeous Denise, and definitely growing...

  9. I love puppies, Denise, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have the energy to raise one. It seemed easy when I was young, but it seems daunting now.
    Bing is a darling, and almost past the point where I can call him "a wee darling" because he's growing so fast.
    I'm so glad you're sharing his puppyhood with his blogging fans.

  10. Hahaha I love the video, he is very playful!

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  11. So in love!! Puppies do love to chew. Well actually, not always puppies. Our Sparky who is 6 in April, has made a right mess of one of my kitchen chairs, naughty collie!!

    CJ x

  12. C has to be for cute no doubt!

  13. Adorable Bing, he's really cute!!Good luck on your training venture.

  14. Did you name him after Bing Crosby or the search engine? (wink) What a cutie pie. Your ideas concerning feeding, hiding chew treats for him, etc. have given me some useful ideas for when we eventually have either two dogs or two cats. We always had one cat who would eat the other's food. Even after the Piggy Cat died, Gable (by then a "bachelor") would still scarf his food as though Missy was coming to eat it. Now I know, if I had crated them both during meal time, there would have been peace.

    Thanks for sublime videos! And now I really know Mrs. Nesbitt, which is the coolest part! Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore

  15. Puppies do love to chew! Bing is wonderful. I love the videos. It may be a couple of weeks before I can get back into ABC, but things are progressing nicely so far.


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