Tuesday, August 15

Liverton Village Hall needs votes!


A real David and Goliath story.
Liverton Village Hall is through to the final 15.
Please help us by voting for us and sharing the link with your friends and contacts.
We are really up against the big boys!


Wednesday, August 2

Meet Betty!

(I am on the left!)
I notice the last time I wrote anything here was May. I seem to get my nose down to a task and when I emerge the days, weeks, even months have passed - well flown by to be precise.

It's Scarecrow time again - our village kicked off the whole East Cleveland Scarecrow Festival last Saturday, 29th July. Our new mayor visited and we raised £800+. A fabulous day!

Friday, May 12

May so far......

All 3 hens are layin an egg a day.

 We have visitors - some days but not all.

 Joan and Dot continue to grow.

Had some nice weather - a spot of sunbathing.

Foraging for worms.

A favourite spot in the field next to our house - usually around 4pm

Noodles for lunch

Library campaign continues 

Local school on our campaign

Planning for 2017 Scarecrow Festival has begun

Bing continue his healthy eating campaign - a frozen bottle of milk

 Our eggs have featured in most meals.

Not your standard jam!

Healthy discovery in the back of my cupboard.

 Healthy eating continues..

  Coffee morning and lunch recently raised £462

So...........busy as ever!

Sunday, February 5

D is for Duck!

Blogging is a funny old thing - one with which I have a love/hate relationship, but this morning I found myself looking back on the photos and records of our motorbike adventures and realised what a fantastic resource I have compiled over the last 10 years and more here in a virtual little space on the internet.

Blogging has been an adventure - one where I have met new friends and met up with many - travelling to meet them on our motorbike. Back in 2002 we were visiting the Scottish Motorbike show and I bought a duck back pack. I fell in love with him and has since travelled evrywhere with Jon and I when we go out on our motorbike adventures.

One project I am proud to share is ABC Wednesady - a little idea I had many many years ago. Each week as we worked our way through the alphabet we would post a photograph and sometimes a few words. The project took off and spans the globe with  many contributions each week. It is currently in its last chapter under the team I am part of before entering a new level. When I read that Liz  had joined in it made me think again. Liz is a blogging friend of many many years - as are many of my other blogging friends. One day we will meet up with Liz and it will be on our motorbike - and yes the duck will meet up too - with Delilah!

For more ABC follow this link

Monday, January 16

January 16th

Life is back to normal after a hectic few days. When doing the Christmas shopping I came across a gammon joint reduced to £2.50. I froze it and last week saw us having gammon in many recipes. This was my favourite - just chopped and cooked spare veg sandwiched between gammon and potatoes with a Quark cooking sauce for good measure.

The hens are still enjoying the comfort of their hen house as the "lock - up" regime is still in operation. They have an enclosed run leading out from the shed but as the weather has been so cold Bev is being quite maternal and staying inside - chicks (now fully grown) preferring to do as she does.

The farm to the back of our house has now its own maternity unit. New born lambs appearing regularly.

2017 is off to a good start - lots in the pipeline with our very first Burns Night this Saturday, 21st. Watch this space!

Monday, January 2

You can’t go wrong with an egg.

I like egg in a sandwich – I have done all my life,
I don’t have a bread preference – I can take a bun or a slice.
The egg has got to be a fresh one – preferably free range
As we keep our own chickens – anything else would just be strange.
The eggs must be hard boiled – using the 3 minute rule
You see I like them just so – and I am nobody’s fool.
Generally I just chop them with a touch of mayonnaise
I may even add chives but not cress – that was just a daft phase.
Ham is another choice – tinned salmon for a special occasion

But you can’t go wrong with an egg – for an every day sensation!
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