Friday, January 18

Put those eyes away!

On Monday I will be able to take Bing outside, on his lead and I will be taking him to meet my neighbours in the village. We start puppy training on Wednesday afternoon. Should be fun.
I must say how much easier the task of settling in a puppy with the aid of two older dogs has been. He needs to go out frequently for his twinkles and Freida always goes first, Bing follows and they go for a wander round the garden.
He has settled well into his routine and as I type here he is laid on my slippers, snoozing away. He is fed 4 times a day, small portions of high protein puppy food, which ofcourse is 4 times the price of normal dog food but we took advice from the vet. Bing is gaining the necessary weight for his age, so this is good enough for us.
He has his mad half hour then flings himself onto his bed and sleeps away for England.
We bought him a good selection of chews and toys which he uses constantly. Amazingly we didn't buy one thing which he doesn't use, such is his disposition and zest for fun and contentment.
We borrowed a large cage from our neighbour so if we go out, never longer than a few hours, he sleeps inside.
When we first brought him home we took it in turns to sleep downstairs, in the snug which ajoins the kitchen. This was because he was paper trained and we didn't want him to have any accidents. Gradually the amount of times he needed to go outside decreased. Now we let him out last thing at night and he sleeps through until 7am when he needs to go outside, again with Freida or Elsie.
We bring him upstairs for a couple of hours and he sleeps through to getting up.

very pleased indeed.......his bed however (originally Ella's) will soon be too small for him!


  1. Oh bless him, he does look cute hanging over the edge of that little bed :-)

  2. The first proper walk is always great fun - enjoy! (though he might disappear in a snowdrift today!)

  3. Moving into a big boy bed...exciting!
    Jane x
    (For Bing xxxxxx)

  4. One lucky pup there Denise - like having a baby around
    and soon to move out of his cot into a proper bed!

  5. Ah, training dogs for the new guy!

  6. Want one v. badly esp with those eye! but have 4 grown dogs already! All of whom have their eyes tightly closed lest I tell them they all need to go outside for runaround in teh freezing cold. Whippets and ancient Jack Russels don't do cold for long!

  7. "Please Mum, can I have a new bed? My ears don't fit in this one..."

  8. He is so cute.
    He has struck lucky in finding you two! Love the fact that he is spilling out of his bed! I expect he'll end up with a really lovely new one soon.
    Wonder how he will get on in the snow?
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  9. awwwwwwwwwww, love photos of when the pups grow out of their beds. I love the way one paw is out and being used for a pillow. What a very big paw that is.
    He is so beautiful.

    cheers, parsnip

  10. Um, Denise, I think you should look again...I'm sure that bed is too small for him already! LOL
    He is a beauty, isn't he? I love it when puppies go through that all-ears stage. Soon he'll be all paws.
    How wonderful for him to have your two dogs to guide him through his learning stages, and escort him on his walks outside in the yard, but I'm definitely looking forward to hearing about puppy training!

  11. Oh my gosh, he's getting cuter by the minute, Denise! I think he's begging you already to get him a bigger bed...those paws are ominous, methinks...going to be one big DAWG soon! :D

  12. Oh he is adorable! Sounds like he has fitted into your family like a dream. Have fun showing him off!
    Sarah x

  13. He is just shooting up! But does he have someone else's ears? They're surely too big for him?

  14. Those ears and those eyes! He's irresistable.


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