Tuesday, January 1

eXceptional Yokes!


I missed last weeks ABC round as I was ill, but fortunately I can cover 2 weeks in one go!

Our hens are still not laying and whilst the day has been much better today ie no rain or snow the temperature was very low, infact one of the coldest days so far. The hens will not lay until they feel Spring is on its way and when they do start laying again my all time favourite will be boiled eggs. with soldiers!

Have you ever had a hard boiled egg that had a green yolk or a yolk with a green to grey ring around it? Here's a look at the chemistry behind why this happens.....I remembered this when I looked it up. When I sat my O Level Domestic Science it was one of the questions. I answered well because I passed. The theory was much better than the practical which was a disaster - but I passed!
Answer: The green ring forms when you overheat the egg, causing hydrogen and sulfur in the egg white to react and form hydrogen sulfide gas. The hydrogen sulfide reacts with iron in the egg yolk to form a grayish-green compound where the white and yolk meet. While the color isn't particularly appetizing, it's fine to eat. You can keep the yolk from turning green by chilling the eggs as soon as they have finished cooking. One way to do this is by running cold water over the hot eggs as soon as the cooking time has elapsed.
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  1. I wondered what you were going to come up with for 'X'...
    Boiled eggs with marmite soldiers. YUM YUM!

  2. LOL, I wonder how many Americans know what "soldiers" are. If they've read as many English novels as I have, they'll know they're finger-shaped pieces of toast for dunking in egg yolks.
    I miss ABC Wednesday, and can't participate in the next round as we will be away quite a bit, with a couple of weeks out at sea, but I really enjoy seeing what others (you in particular) have to say.
    Wishing you plenty of eggs when the new year turns to Spring,

  3. I have to plead ignorance on the "soldiers" but I just did the soldiers in my eggs this morning. Happy to know what I was doing had a name...(:0)
    Glad you are feeling better Denise and I wish you a wonderful New Year too.

  4. Oh my goodness, Denise! Your hens lay THE BEST EGGS I have ever tasted in my life! I have seen that colouration in hard boiled eggs but didn't know what it was from. I'm glad you're feeling better, although I must say I'm not...still coughing & have hardly any voice at all. But it will pass as will winter and you'll be having fresh eggs once again!

    abcw team

  5. Well it certainly looks delicious.!!! My hubby favorite thing to eat is eggs--any way you cook them.

  6. I learned something new, about the eggs
    Happy New Year!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  7. Oh that golden yolk looks so tasty! I really need to find a source for fresh local eggs,they are such a delight.

  8. That's certainly looks so appetizing!

  9. That egg does look so Yummy! -- and yes, I'll have Marmite on my soldiers.

  10. That's how my husband like his boiled egg, I like mine hard boiled hehehe.. Yep, I have seen green on boiled eggs before.

    Y is for...
    Happy New Year!
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team


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