Tuesday, November 18

Sewing for England

My neighbour Anne is my curtain guru. Whilst she has been away for a few days I decided to embark on the task of altering the new curtains for our bedroom. ...... there was a hitch! I cut too much off and had to join up the curtain length with a seam. I did that and am now hemming both curtains.
All the time I was going through the various actions  it would seem there was an alternative......to remove the rufflette  tape and cut from the top - thus saving the bother of re-hemming. This was pointed out to me by a friend as I pinned the hem. I was informed that the hem will never be as good as the original one.

Well hindsight is a marvellous thing but in one way I have enjoyed the whole process of re-stitching, pinning, bleeding and altering the curtains.

Today the wardrobe arrives - sometime between 12 noon and 6pm. I will receive a phone call when the delivery van is approximately 1 hour away. Jon needs to go and collect a parcel - so it just may be that I go and collect the parcel and Jon sees to the delivery - who knows if that is the case he just may well assemble the wardrobe by the time I return! Whatever the case next time I write here I should have a photo of the completed room to share. In the meantime don't look too closely at the photo or you will see the spots of blood caused by the pins! I must go and remove the stains, never mind writing about it!

Watch this space!
ABC Wednesday S for Sewing  and in my garden S is for STILL have more bulbs to plant!

Thursday, November 13


This has to be the most talked about and sampled recipe at my local Slimming World group. It is absolutely gorgeous and ideal for the cold nights. I miss out the garlic.
Try it!

Tuesday, November 11

R is for Restoration

Many years ago Jon and I were at an auction when this old lawnmower came under the hammer, I got it for £2. It has been a garden ornament for 20 years but Jon restored it for me....he made a new roller and a new handle, stripped all the metal parts and sharpened the blades. It cuts perfectly!

The lawn is Jon's domain and loves nothing more than to sit on his lawnmower and spend a couple of hours getting the perfect cut - but for small area, or round trees this is perfect. It is a Ransom Henley model.

The weather is very changeable at the moment - I do have more bulbs to plant which I need to do as soon as possible. The carpet fitter is coming tomorrow so I will shortly be able to get the room sorted. The wardrobe arrives next week so we'll be assembling it from the flat pack state it arrives in and organising the space.

I am really pleased with the washstand - it has been just an ornamental piece for years, but it is an ideal height for my sewing machine and for working on my laptop -getting rid of the 2 desks was a worry as I thought I may have to use the dining table for any projects - but no worries there, the second bedroom will be the ideal place.

Thursday is a day I have set aside to get our bedroom back to normal - with the addition of the new curtains and bedding. I did have a blonde moment involving the curtains. Don't ask me how it happened all I know is I cut the curtains......too short! After a massive panic I attached the various pieces, pinned, tacked and machine sewed them all together...now I just have to hem them - my next job after getting the room emptied for tomorrow.

Watch this space!


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