Sunday, February 14

Valentine's Day.

Had a lovely meal out with friends last night at a local restaurant - I taught the chef lol! Karen is my partner in crime on the village hall fundraising group so when we returned to our house for "the port" we played some games - along the lines of what we do for our fundraising events. All very silly but we had a laugh - well I say we had a laugh they could have just been patronising me - but I think not.
We always have "name the teddy" or something similar - last night we played "guess the name of the chair!" (Jack lol) We also had a small tombola - 3 prizes for Jon, Karen and her husband - another Jonathan, referred to as Jon.

Today my Jon and I had a lovely afternoon on the beach - I am cooking tonight - roast lamb with all vegetables.

Enjoy your day.

Saturday, February 13

Sorting.....and sorting...and sorting.

In or house is a the bedroom is a the cupboard are wires,

lots of wires,
cb radios,
car radios,
train sets,
boxes of wires,
computer bits,
more wires

get the picture?

So as I am fueled up we spent an hour today sorting out and emptying one shelf.

Same tomorrow....

and the day after that.........

and the day after that.........

and the day after that........

.and the day after that.........

and the day after that.........

get the picture?

Watch this space!

Tuesday, February 9

E is for ........enterprising.

The next room on our "to do" list is the third bedroom, the one Jon uses for his office and the one with access to the loft. Jon more or less leaves colours up to me and I know we have a decent quantity of both grey and white emulsion to hand so no prizes for guessing my thoughts.

I don't buy "Housy" magazines anymore - whilst they were often a source of inspiration and encouraged me to tidy up, inevitably I flicked through them once and found many the same. As we have worked our way through the house more often than not we will visit a showhouse for inspiration and to see what the  current trends are. Last weekend we did just that.

In one showhouse I spotted a desk. As I have been sorting out my various crafty stuff and the piles of paper etc for my card making I have used the big cupboard in the porch to store things away, ever realising the potential the room had to be mult-functional. Yes a porch is great but as we have such a lovely open view of the garden I felt it was a shame not to work in the porch, but not to have everything everywhere, so the desk gave me an idea.

To look at it (yes I bought one on-line) it's not imposing but it's the perfect size for my laptop/sewing machine. When I am working (as I was yesterday) the stool next to the desk is ideal for my printer - as the big cupboard is right next to the desk stuff can be put away when I have finished and the tesk doubles up as a console table.

The view from the desk is inspiring too - yesterday Puss was in her favourite spot for an afternoon nap!

I brought down a wicker chair which is comfortable when working at the desk - when not in use with the desk I just move it against the back wall.

Above the chair I have used picnic baskets for further storage. I am so pleased with these - only costing £5 each from  the charity shops - so much nicer than plastic containers.

Jon is busy at work so I am not sure when we will make a start on his room but in the meantime I am happy to have a place to potter in and keep warm

ABC Wednesday - E for enterprising!

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