Tuesday, August 26

Getting there......with Geraniums!

We are getting there - the bank holiday weekend saw both of us working our socks off in the garden. A good hot bath was definitely the way to end the mammoth sessions and the front garden is coming along.

At this time of year the supermarkets often have some bargains, so a few weeks ago I bought some reduced geraniums for a fraction of the normal price. I have added some nasturtium seeds which are now growing through.

I have bought some plug plants for my dry stone wall - 3rd along is "Green Gables".

There are some Geraniums in the wall too, these come every year and add a colourful splash to the wall.

I have been using some pebbles at the side of the drive, at the bottom of the wall. This is an area the hens love to scrat about in, often flicking the gravel under the garage , making it difficult to open the doors, this should stop this. I think it finishes the wall well and as moss grows over the pebbles by this time next year things should look even better.

This is the part of the drive I have to finish.

Of course I was being watched by Eva who had nipped through the fence for her morning walk!

Sadie checks over a geranium for the photograph!

Thank you Sadie - beautiful.

Back to the GRINDSTONE for me! Watch this space.

My G contribution for ABC Wednesday - focussing on the Nesbitt garden challenge - and boy what a challenge it is. Follow the link on my sidebar for more fun.

Tuesday, August 19

F is for Front Garden/lawn

The front part of our garden is my next task! On Sunday after asking questions and reading up on the matter it became apparent that our ornamental cherry tree is dead. I can't remember if there were any leaves on it last year, but there aren't any this year and the branches keep snapping off in the wind. The blue tits nest here every year so we'll have to think of something to replace it. The lifespan of such a tree would appear to be between 20 and 25 years. I have seen 1950's photographs of the front garden and bold as brass is a young ornamental cherry tree - so I think it has done well. Jon will be dealing with it - logs etc but we need to think about the blue tits.
Looking out from the kitchen window in the middle of the front hedge is where the original gate was to the house. Our house is an ex-police house so the gate would lead visitors to the police office situated at the back of the house - now part of our lounge.
We had the turf laid to make it more lawn mower friendly.

Jon made the bird bath for mum. This area is now one I am making into a little piece of paradise for bird visitors. We aren't sure what the "trees" are but they are an ideal place to hang feeders etc. Notice Eva making an appearance!
The pond at the far right of the photograph is a project all to itself. Originally we had it built for the geese. It's a sloping gradient to a depth of about 50cm. I have been doing my research about ponds and thanks to an Alan Titmarsh programme I found out we don't need a pump, self oxygenating plants will keep the water clear and we will add various plants. I am experimenting with a small pond idea in a little barrel. All seem to be getting along fine. I'll keep a close look out and if all continues well we will use these plants in the large pond.

In front of the bird interest area is the area where the gate was and this is what I want to transform.

The borders want sorting too - I am going to be very busy.

To the left of the area is a holly "tree". It was the same height as the hedge some 23 years ago but as the birds love it so much we have allowed it to grow. 
I am not sure how long this is going to take me - but I am on the case. Being realistic I may have something to share by the letter L...could be "L for Look at this then!"

Watch this space!
My F take on the ABC of the Nesbitt garden projects!

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