Wednesday, July 23

Busy in the Garden

This says it all



B is also for Bev! Of late here.......hogging the egg production section of hen operation unit!

The remedy is to remove her from her eggs(ie she is not laying any and was actually sitting on a golfball!) for a few hors....which I did. Whilst I was weeding by the greenhouse (photos later) I happened to turn round and see this......

my lovely hens enjoying the sun!
I am late, but a lot has been happening of late, my garden has been a true joy to work with!

Monday, July 21

The duty of a responsible pet owner

Ella's health has deteriorated rapidly since I took these photographs a week ago. We must remember Ella is at least 20, possible older than 25. We adopted Ella from a rescue centre and when we got her she was not young.

About 2 years ago we discovered a cyst, which we promptly had drained. The vet explained there was nothing sinister about it, just a build up of fluid. The cyst gradually returned the same time that Ella was due her annual vaccination ready for her spell at the cattery coinciding with our annual holiday. The vet explained that the effect of the  drugs used for her vaccination would be affected if the cyst was drained and recommended we leave the cyst as it was not suspect. We did this.

I must explain at this point that Ella absolutely hates car journeys of any description so we minimise any unnecessary distress - just the one journey a year to the cattery when we go away. This year however a neighbour looked after Ella whilst we were away. The journey to Margaret's house was a matter of a couple of cat transporter, just a blanket on my knee. Ella had a lovely time with Margaret who fussed her and as she said "Gave her some love."

Ella had developed a few more lumps, found grooming difficult and was sleeping more and more. I didn't want to distress her by taking her to the vet. She was of a very good age and any treatment would probably finish her off, the car journey alone would be a nightmare for her.

Over recent weeks Ella has slept even  more. For the past couple of days she has not eaten anything, the last she ate was on Friday when I cooked her some liver, she enjoyed it so much. She has slept ever since.

This morning she left her bed and went outside. After a few minutes in the sunshine she returned and drank a fair amount of water. She then made her way to her bed where she sleeps. The way she sleeps indicates she is in pain, I suspect kidney issues, possible tumours and some dementia.

She just wants to sleep.

I made the phone call to the vet this morning and now I await his call. He will call when he is on his way, Jon will come home and we will ensure Ella has no more pain and distress.

Wednesday, July 16

Keeping busy.

Thank you for the many comments, they really did make me feel a lot better. It is comforting to know there are others who understand.

Last Friday whilst out shopping I noticed a noise coming from the front of my car - a sort of mechanical noise. To cut a long story short - it was the clutch. The car is now at the garage awaiting a day on the ramp to discover the nature and subsequent fixing of the problem.

The outcome of this means I am without transport as we have no bus service in our village. Jon uses the van for the business and whilst my neighbours would not see me stuck I am making the most of the situation. The dogs have not missed their beach fun as we have been taking them in the van. My shopping routine has changed and I made a weekly visit rather than daily top ups and will do an online shop for delivery later this week.

Today the weather has cooled down, so I decided to take 20 photos around the garden of jobs I need to do over the next few days. No pressure on myself whatsoever - I will tackle as I go along, but I thought this would be a good way to organise my tasks.

So here are the this space for the afters.

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