Saturday, January 26


Rumour has it that the snow is on its way out!

Last night there were vehicles stuck on the Moor Road and indeed a lorry was stuck just outside our village.
The problem was and is often due to the snow drifting. When you have such a rolling expanse like the North York Moors one small gust of wind can deem the whole road invisible, which is what happened last night.
Whilst we can look out onto the garden and indeed up the village, the roads appear okay, venturing out on them can be a different matter, we'll just see.

I hope we get out - cabin fever here and Marks & Spencer's have one of their excellent meal deals on right now!

P.S. Saw this the other day - hilarious don't you think?


  1. The patacake video is hilarious. Thanks for showing it to us, but how do I foward it to anyone else? Would love to know. Ann x

  2. When my cats do that the WHAP on the head comes much sooner, then game over!
    Jane x

  3. Very cute video with Bing. I love the way children, dogs and cats will be playing and the minute you bring out the camera they just stop or disappear around the side.
    I have seen the patacake video before and what a hoot. The narration is what makes it so funny too.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. So cute to see Bing leaping around in the snow. I love watching puppies play!

  5. The cats really made us giggle! And a voyage of discovery for your lovely puppy. At last the snow has been washed away by overnight rain here, hope you're able to cure YOUR cabin fever now. Gets you, doesn't it! Roll on Spring and daffodils.

  6. Ah! and relax... now the snow has gone. Now its time to build an ark. We can definitely let those cats in! :)

  7. Loved to see Bing playing in the snow, and the cat video is so funny.

  8. Back to normal with pouring rain here.


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