Friday, January 25


Elsie's in the room!

We were expecting more snow today and we were not disappointed. Jon had to travel over the Moors to Danby this morning and the road was quite bad - due to snow drifting. We had to nip into Loftus as Jon had to deliver some railway stuff to Leeds and we always take some chunky steak pies from our local butcher for the guys at the foundary. Normally I go along too, but as we have to let Bing out more regularly than our two older girls it was decided that I should stay at home.

Elsie was doing her puppy minding chores - this included sitting next to the settee and observing Bing! Freida was having a rest in the kitchen.

\Jon enjoys the challenge of declining weather conditions, for years he had a landrover and would go off-roading. I despise such weather conditions and was quite on edge about Jon's journey.

Neighbours reported that the roads were bad - again through drifting and the radio traffic update kept mentioning the moor road.

Jon returned home safely after diverting onto the Coast Road.

Fire stoked up, gates shut.

Hens safe ( I can tell it's going to be cold night as they are literally piled together in an effort to keep warm).

In for the Night!
Keep warm.


  1. awwwwwwwwwww, glad Jon made it home safe and everyone including the chickens are safe and warm.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Glad you're all cosied up for the night. Love the photo of Elsie's ears! We almost have a bit of sun today!

  3. There's something very satisfying about closing the gates for the night.
    Love those piled up hens!
    Keep warm. Jx

  4. Those hens are so very funny!
    keep warm and cosy!

  5. So glad Jon made it home safely, and I love the photo of the hens, as well as Elsie's ears, but what? No baby pictures? Poor Bing, I guess he's old news now with the weather so exciting!

  6. Jon sounds like the farmer - does not find bad conditions a challenge, just takes them in his stride. Sunny here today and the snow going quite rapidly. Hope it is the same with you. x


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