Thursday, January 24

Neighbourhood Watch

"A bad neighbor is a misfortune, as much as a good one is a great blessing."

The past few days have seen me more or less hibernating. My car is going nowhere - whilst the roads are clear we fear for the snow drifts which can come from nowhere in no time at all and turn a perfectly visible road into an extension of the ditches which run so dangerously close by. The North York Moors are an incredible landscape and drifts are always to be considered when out driving. Jon's workshop is only a mile away so he has walked to work a couple of days and I as stated have stayed at home.  

I do however pop into next door and see that Ted the Springer has some exercise along with his sister Gem.Our neighbour Emma works long hours at a local nursery so I always switch the heating on half an hour before she is due home and leave a light on. Much better than coming home to dark cold house.

Emma's adjoing neighbour keeps ducks and geese so whilst Ted and Gem are having a run round it is also pleasant to watch the ducks in the stream.

A few nights ago the weather was particularly bad and it took Jon several attempts to reverse the van up the drive. I had cooked a heartwarming casserole and the icing on the cake would have been a bottle of wine.....which we hadn't got........ a neighbour came over with a bottle of wine - so much appreciated after such a gruelling ordeal.

Normally I go walking with another neighbour, Anne. Whilst Bing is now able to go outside for a walk, the mounting amounts of road grit and salt at the sides of the road deem it unfit and dangerous to do so. Ann and I keep in touch daily - so when she asked me if I wanted to go shopping in their 4x4 I jumped at the chance. We didn't hang around in Guisborough and on returning home Malcolm, Ann's husband collected Jon from the workshop at 4pm, saving him another walk home.

Today, Jon managed to get to the workshop but the compound made it really difficult to manoevre the van. Jon parked up the van but needed help to get the snow dug out so he could reverse up to the doors in order to load some railway couplers which he needs to deliver asap. I turnrd to my mobile phone and contacted a couple of my pals from Slimming World who live near to Jon's workshop. Result - Claire's son Zak would help Jon out. Jon nipped home for another shovel and when he returned to the workshop Zak was waiting, with a shovel.

Neighbours.......we are truly blessed!


  1. A blessing indeed. I think it says as much about you Denise, that you're friendliness and helpfulness is repaid by grateful friends and neighbours.

    1. Thanks Kath xxxx Yes we pull together xx

  2. In my very "tourist" mind this is what an English village is like.
    I have a wonderful neighbor a few home away but the three neighbors next and across from me make life very hard. They are selfish, demanding, arrogant and such a pain to live near !
    I think as much as you are charming and helpful, your neighbors return your kindness.
    From your and Weaver's stories of living where you both call home, helping out is what you do.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Seems as though here in a "city-type" area, people keep to themselves more. We sort of know each other, but don't socialize at all. It's nice to know some people do have good relationships with their neighbours.

  4. Good neighbours are essential living in your area.
    (I emailed links for the LogSaver - hope your email address hasn't changed!)

  5. Good neighbours - what would we do without them Denise? When the lane was washed away in the floods in September at my cottage in the village, all the neighbours put £100 each into the kitty and one bought the stuff and they all turned out on a Sunday morning with shovels and relaid the whole lane. There is no substitute for good neighbours.

  6. It's one of the things I've noticed most about moving into a very rural area. People are much friendlier towards each other and couldn't be more helpful. There is a real community spirit here that seems to be far greater than in a town, or even a larger village.

  7. How wonderful that you live in an area where people just naturally help each other out all the time. I guess winter is very hard where you live, so one really has to watch out for the neighbours, but even so, it's heartwarming!

  8. A heartwarming post!
    It is really lovely to have good neighbours, and you especially need each other when the weather is harsh.

  9. As you probably know, we have neighbours now - very surreal!! I have to say that my first neighbour is lovely and very friendly, has even offered to clean for me! The next ones to move in are a young couple and I imagine will bring some life to the farm. So yes, I'm quite liking the idea of having people close by. It makes a pleasant change.

    CJ x

  10. Good neighbours are a blessing.

  11. Anow is there to be "lifted" - or "blown" away :-)


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