Saturday, October 15

Fun with friends!

Through Chris I read about this new Friday fun idea which you can read about here

Getting to know you :

What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you that now? What is 1 thing you LOVE about what you do , or who you are?

From the age of 7 I wanted to be a nurse. This lasted right up until I was 18. In the August holidays prior to my training commencing I visited a school friend who was just about to commence her teacher training. She was packing her books in a trunk. As I looked through her books I got the "urge" to teach!!! I had NEVER considered this at all....but the urge was all consuming, a calling if you like. A year later I too was commencing my teacher training. It led onto a career of 25 happy years. One of the best decisions in my life. My parents, infact everybody was gobsmacked at my change of direction, but Education was the tool which allowed me to change paths. I progressed to Deputy Head Teacher and decided to integrate my job with my home life, finally taking early retirement this year.

What do I LOVE about what I do? I can support Jon in his business by helping with sales and marketing and being at home to help the family. I am able to take his mum shopping and to be there for her - as Jon's business often dictates his time and skills. The business is our bread and butter.
I enjoy the simple things in life - walking with Freida and enjoying and appreciating where we live, this costs nothing but brings about a feeling of contentment. Money can not buy such times in life.
This week's subject :

It is Autumn (at least in the U.S). The weather is changing rapidly in several parts of the country. Please share a photo or 2 of what your area of the world looks like.

Here are some photos of our village, taken a couple of days ago on one of my daily walks with Freida. This walk takes us up Handale, past the race horse stables, to the duckpond.

There are many walks, a recent walk took us up another farm lane to Parkhouse Farm, which you can see here

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  1. For the longest time, I felt destined to be a minister.
    In my teen years, I thought I'd be a lawyer.

  2. It's funny how sometimes we just know that an instinctive change of direction is the right one for us. As you say, money can't buy such pleasures. x

  3. Thank you for posting on Coffee Klatch Friday. Isn't it funny hqw we get 1 idea in our head, but something else tugs at our heart.

    Thanks for sharing your walk. Great pictures!

  4. As my recent blog entry happens to be a snapshot of my life I thought I'd include it in your new scheme! I always wanted to be a journalist, but drifted into teaching instead. I often wonder what would have happened if I'd followed my heart.

  5. There was little choice when I left school, shop, factory, office, or nursing. I chose the office life on the secretarial side and never once regretted it.

  6. It's always nice when you look back that you had a satisfying life. Of course there are always up and downs, but I too am happy with my life now !


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