Thursday, October 27

Moving on.....

The few finishing-off jobs to do in the kitchen are out of our hands. We are waiting for the doors for the sink unit, the floor tiles need to be sorted - matched or replaced and a couple more pieces of granite worktop need to be cut and today we started on the lounge!

Watch this space!


  1. thanks for fixing the link to Bridget!!

    keep up the hard work on the decorating front

    blessings x

    ps If you see Mr Firth, tell him the ending of Spooks was unbelievably sad

  2. It's all going to look fab when it's finished!

  3. I know this has been a long, drawn-out ordeal in many ways, but at least the two of you are in on it together, so you each have the other for moral support. My husband does not understand the need for renovation (or repair, even) and does not cooperate when I try to get such things done.
    I'm getting so excited about seeing your finished kitchen — and then the lounge!

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  4. Phew! Such energy. Have to agree with Angela- definitely had tears in eyes at end of Spooks.

  5. Angela
    Don't see Peter anymore but I am trying to contact him - watch this space!
    Yes the final episode was very sad.

    I will be boring you with photos every minute of the way! (Way hey)

    Jon does what he can, when he can - but has to drop his tools when his business calls. We have the snug and the kitchen as a bolt hole however - hopefully we'll get the lounge done by Christmas - nowhere near as much work needed as the snug and kitchen.

    Aye - we do seem to find energy from somewhere! lol! I must admit my blogging friends who are doing similar DIY stuff do give me inspiration.

  6. Oh Lord, it all starts here too, on 4th Nov. will we get done in time for the C word do you think?

  7. Now you are starting with the lounge ? Poor girl ! In a year everything will be over (I hope for you, lol)

  8. the colour of your living room now is a very similar colour of my newly painted laundry room.

    Gill in Canada

  9. I keep putting off having my kitchen done but one day I will have to bite the bullet. Good luck with getting it all done by Christmas. :D

  10. I'm impressed. You make refurbishing sound like a holiday by the seaside. We might find some odd jobs for you when you have finished with this one :-)

    PS Thank you for the nice comment!

  11. Kath
    We will we get done in time for the C word dear!

    We have the snug as a bolt hole so all will be OK

    Will have to pop over and see - on your blog that is! lol! I am experimenting with a colour - heather for the chimney breast - and pale hound and hound yellow for the walls & ceiling!

    You will be able to see it for yourself next year! lol!
    27 October 2011 16:48

    Just shows the power of language lol!

  12. What a wonderful Christmas Present for you both if it is all done in time for the Holidays.
    Cold, rain and snow outside but all bright, warm, freshly painted inside with "The Christmas Goose, Turkey or Duck in the new oven.. along with Chestnuts.
    Sounds quite perfect.

    cheers, parsnip

  13. Parsnip

    Yes a good thought and one to hold onto! Not sure what we will be having on Christmas Day yet - but will let you know! lol!

  14. My Goodness! Your home will be a completely different one by the time you have finished!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  15. You have got two months and the clock is ticking!

  16. Maggie May said...
    My Goodness! Your home will be a completely different one by the time you have finished!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May
    Indeed - got to get it up to date and up to scratch!

    cheshire wife
    2 months - aye!

    Shooting Parrots
    A glutton for punishment...indeed, but at the end I will be able to spend my days reading, gardening & blogging - in a lovely room!

    27 October 2011 22:49

  17. Oh I have been there building and renovating it sure does put the house in a tizzy. Good luck. B

  18. It will all be worth it in the end!

  19. There's no stopping you two. It's all going to be worth the work when you finally finish it all, it'll look fabulous.

  20. You are industrious, and that is for sure! Good on ya!

  21. Nothing like cracking on with it!!
    (which C-word? I've been waiting 5 years for the kitchen to be finished, and getting on for 2 for the bathroom!!)


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