Thursday, October 6

Apples galore!

I have got the baking bug at the moment - the temperature outside is definitely much colder and the urge to eat comfort food is growing! Today a neighbour popped in and gave me a recipe for Apple Cake...which ofcourse I HAD to try out.

120z Plain Flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
4oz Brown Sugar
4oz White Sugar
2oz butter
1 large beaten egg
1/4pt milk

Peel. core and chop apples put with brown sugar.Microwave for 30 seconds.
Mix rest of ingrediants and stir in apples + brown sugar.
Place in lined baking tin - I used 2 x 7" deep sandwich tins.
Place in Oven 150 degrees until cooked. (40 minutes in my case)
Whilst warm sprinkle with brown sugar.

Cool and serve with custard.

Just as I was bringing them out of the oven my sister in law and her partner arrived - so I cut them both a slice and made up some custard! Ofcourse I had to sample the new recipe - gorgeous! Jon then arrived so he too had a piece - he loved it too.

After a walk I came home and was very tired so after a doze I had another small piece and some custard............custard! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
I think this means one thing - I am getting a cold! I rarely eat sweet food but the thought of the custard does tickle my tastebuds. I have fed the rest of the apple cake to the hens who loved every minute of it - otherwise I would have kept slicing another inch off the cake and eating it with custard......custard...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

The hens have just had the remainder of the custard......custard....mmmmmmm!


  1. Ohhh, custard. Comfort food my grandmother used to make! baked the apple cake in your new kitchen?

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Delicious! Custard - lovely:-)

  3. Kay
    Yes - made it in the new kitchen! A joy!

  4. You dirtied your kitchen already? ;) I love Apple Cake, but your recipe is slightly different from mine so I shall have to give it a go, Thank you!

  5. I wish I'd been there for a slice before you served it to the chickens.

  6. This sound so good.
    I love custard. Creme Brulee is my all time favorite desert.

    Your kitchen is getting done just at the right time.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Yes it is getting colder and comfort food to the fore - do hope your cold fades away!

  8. Oh, Denise, I'll be right over...!!! :-)

  9. Indeed Roger - a tribute to Steve Jobs xxx

    parsnip - me too! So we KNOW what we'll be eating together don't we?

    Aye can feel it approaching - but will lock meself away for 24 hours - I am NOT a male - I will not be popping me clogs with a cold! lol!


    Kettle is on!

  10. Looks good enough to eat. I bet you enjoyed doing it in your brand new kitchen.
    I'm with angryparsnip on the Creme Brulee front.

  11. Oh Yum! I can almost smell it baking. Certainly would go nicely with my cup of coffee this morning.

  12. OOh how gorgeous!

    I am having one last week of culinary heaven before starting at Fatclub next week with my mate Jackie :-D

  13. I sure hope you're NOT coming down with a cold..? That cake looks gorgeous, I see you are putting your new Rayburn to good use! Alan has just stripped the last of our apples from the trees, to take to an apple-pressing business, in exchange they give us 50% back as juice (which freezes).

  14. Gosh I like the idea of eating it wiv custard!!!

  15. Husband loves anything with baked apple in it. So I'll be giving that recipe a try.

  16. You gave it to the hens? When I'm here?!

  17. Noooo, I've so got to go and get some custard now.. and of course make an apple cake, or maybe buy one as I'm too lazy to bake at the moment!

  18. That sounds delicious. Thanks for the recipe.

  19. Oooh, I'm going to try that too, looks delicious. I've got some baking apples. Should you be giving custard to hens? Surely that's cannibalism...Eer custard...eggs. I do hope mt godaughter Mabel doesn't grow two heads before I see her...Ha ha!
    BTW. What fun it was seeing you on the webcam albeit, very briefly. Did you hear grandaughter Olivia ask, 'Is that lady as old as you Grandma'? I said, Oh no she's much younger than me, and she's got hens!


  20. I have just copied the recipe thanks, think I might be able to make use of my home grown apples!


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