Friday, July 2

Friday fun!

I have managed to put 55 words together in a coherant fashion - yes it is Friday! If you fancy having a shot visit here!

The crisp whiteness of his suit stretched over his

firm, rippled, torso!

Closing her eyes she was instantly transported to the time she had seen his

writhing, strutting body

reduce her to tears, such was her desire!

Now he was still!

She knew the facts!.

Elvis the king was dead,

and Madame Tussauds was closing!


  1. Nice 55. Yes, Elvis was king.

  2. but sure brings back the memories...nice 55.
    hope you have a great weeekend!

    my 55 is up!

  3. Ha ha ha - love it! (Obviously it was the young Elvis . . . ;-})

  4. Ah but the memories linger on! LOL

    You've really got the hang of this now Mrs. N., well played.

  5. For true? Madame Tussauds is closing? Oh, my. What will they do with Elvis and all his wax-faced compatriots?

    The Elvis of my youth wore jeans, and lived before Vegas discovered him and he discovered white spandex with high collars. That was the Elvis I loved.

  6. LOL - was only in his early years that Elvis had a firm, rippled, torso... ;=)

  7. Wow...A++++ and 3 gold stars. This is terrific.

  8. I always wanted a firm rippling torso. Almost had it once, then I discovered HERSHEY BARS....

    GOOD "55"...and "Madame Tussauds was closing!" sort of put the final touch on the life (and times) of Elvis.

  9. Laughing, that was a roller coaster ride. great 55.

  10. Good One , Denise! Wasn't expecting Elvis.

  11. Hehehe, yup, Elvis has left the building (or as in this case, perhaps not)! Very witty, I love it.

  12. Omigosh...! I found myself saying "Ohhhhh...." What a great 55.




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