Sunday, July 4

Another packed day!

Saturday was quite a busy day here in the Nesbitt household! Jon had to go to the workshop first thing so I pottered about at home with daily chores but at 11am we had to drive to Thirsk Auction Centre to drop something off for one of our customers.

Once a month a “Fur and Feather” auction takes place and our customer has a stall in the farmer’s arket selling his award winning pies, so once we had spoken with Andrew Voakes we had a look round the auction. There were lots of chickens, ducks and geese in cages awaiting auction. There were some amazing breeds which I have never seen before. Jon did say it would be a good place to buy some goslings when we are ready! This sounded good to me.

Home to get changed and head out on the motorbike, such a lovely day we have to make the most of them!

We headed up to Scarborough, to a farmshop we had spotted on the Cloughton Road. We had lunch, a late one at 3pm. Jon had homemade chicken and leek pie, I went for pea and ham soup, with lovely crusty bread! It was delicious!




After we had eaten we had a walk round the various buildings and saw some very interesting pigs!






The cockerel took great pride in strutting his stuff!


We came home via Pickering and when we walked through our gate the hens were sunbathing. They love to find a place where they can spend a couple of hours soaking up the sunshine!


We had a BBQ and spent the best part of the evening sitting on the patio. The patio goes across the back of the house and up the side of the lounge, so we can always find a sun spot!

Once the sun went down the night was chilly so we continued with the gin & tonics inside!

May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night and a smooth road all the way to your door.


  1. That looked like a great day. I remember those farmers' markets well.

  2. You sound just as busy as me. And snap we had a BBQ yesterday too :-)

  3. your mention of chicken and leek pie has made me hungry - you're always doing that to me - ah'm off to mak lunch!

  4. Anthony

    Yes farmer's markets and farm shops are very popular right now over here - we do quite a bit of work with them so we get the free samples! lol!


    BBQ lol! Oh yes that reminds me - I have a photograph I must dig out!


    lol! Jon said it was lovely and tasted just like his grandma used to make.

  5. what a wonderful blog you have!!! i love all of the photos that go along with your storytelling...i felt like i was right there with you.
    thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. i don't think i have seen you around but if you don't mind i think i'll pull up a chair and stay a while in this lovely place...

  6. OOh I want one of those silky little black ones!

  7. Sounds a lovely day to me Denise - and i love those little piggies. Fur and feather auction sounds lovely - shall try to twist the farmer's arm to come over on the next one - can you please let me know the date?

  8. Digital

    Indeed such lovely little fellas! Always good to know where our food comes from!


    Great to meet you hun!


    All gorgeous!

    It is the first Saturday of every month.

  9. So how does a black mummy pig have baby brown ones? Hmm.

    Lunch sounds great.

  10. Sounds like a great day, Farmer's Markets are always interesting to visit. Gorgeous pigs!

    I like the layout of your blog with the new pages.

  11. that sounds like such a wonderful Sunday! I spent the day housecleaning as Lorne was away at some friends' place.

  12. That bread looks delicious! I recently took some pictures of piglets too. What a coincidence. :)

  13. Liz
    Hmmmmm now there's a question! lol!

    We'll be visiting some more me thinks!
    Re layout - Blogger has some new features which are so easy to use!

    It was a lovely day! Hope Lorne is OK hun HUGS to you xxx

    Yes the bread was delicious - funny how we get inspired by similar subjects shows we are all inspired eh?

  14. Do you know that the bread and the butter in England both taste different from ours over here. The ENglish version is so much better.


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