Sunday, July 18

Fish and Chips!


On Saturday we went to Newcastle with some friends. Westgate Road is definately a place for bikers as it is filled with shops stocking everything needed for motorbike owners. I have been thinking about learning to ride a motorbike for some time but being short there is always the problem of my feet not reaching the ground, but in one shop I came across one bike which seemed OK and the colour was right too! I don’t think I would get a new one, no an old one would be more suitable…….watch this space.


We had fish and chips for lunch and the portions were absolutely mammoth! We all finished our plates but really I felt so full. Only a matter of minutes later we were back on the motorbike making our way to Darlington! Being on the back of a motorbike, in leathers after fish and chips is not a very comfortable place to be!

As we are so near the seaside we know some good fish and chip shops, especially in Whitby and Scarborough. In my pottering about with various blogs I came across this poem and had to share, it really sums up the whole fish and chip thing!


Up North
where I come from where, when it’s not raining
it’s overcast
and people say
what they mean
and they mean
what they bloody well say
eating out means the Chippy.
Not Fish Bar
or Fish Shop
or Fish ‘n’ Chip Restaurant
We’re talking real Fishing Chips
(are fishing chips, chips that catch their own fish?)
They don’t do
French fries
pommes frites
Nouveau Cuisine
Not our cup of tea
They don’t do
mayonnaise dip
they only do
salt and vinegar
Economy gastronomy
cheap at half the price
cheap as chips
If it’s a big fish you’re after
for the larger appetite
they also do
double portions
twice the chance to catch that fish
twice as many fishing chips
(Should have seen the one that got away!)
Fishing chips catch
Haddock, Cod
(complete with rod
hook, line and sinker?)
Or, if you’re feeling flush
even Plaice
Mushy peas can be added
Bread and butter
and a mineral
Tea is served every night
at six o’clock
(Unlike the Americans
we eat dinner
at dinner time
Fishing chips for Friday tea
wrapped in greaseproof
and newspaper
up North
where I come from
where, when it’s not raining
it’s overcast

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  1. Great poem that :-)
    Ah, there's nothing to beat one of each, as we used to say when I was a kid.

  2. It looks and sounds delicious, but wouldn't have enjoyed being that full!

  3. anthony
    oh yes a great poem! Will definately be one of my favourites.

    It was sheer indulgance! I wont be having much today I can tell you!

  4. If you get your own motor bike there will be no excuse for not coming to see me!

    The poem reminded me of one of my best ever days out - to see Blackpool Illuminations - both men in our party of four have been long dead but the day lives on in my memory. We paddled and ate candy floss, then walked along the prom and rode back on an open bus looking at the lights as night fell.
    Then we went into an old-fashioned cafe where there were white damask table cloths and elderly buxom waitresses in black and white with little white caps on their heads - and we had fish and chips, bread and butter, a pot of tea and plenty of salt and vinegar - wonderful.

  5. this 'Up North' business reminds me of a train journey to some long ortgotten location in North Yorkshire because this place had a good chippie. My pal explained that it was a "good chippie" because they fried the chips in "real" lard. God knows what it did for our cholesterol but I must admit those chips were reet grand :) It's amazing how long dormant memories are awakened by the words "fish and chips".

    I've also been on the pillion of a motor bike, just the once!

  6. Love the poem! And the fish and chips look yummy. ;)

  7. Ooh, I fancy fish and chips now!
    Hope you find the bike you're after :-)

  8. In about 3 weeks I will eat Fish & Chips homemade by my friend in Eastbourne, lol !

  9. We can smell your lunch from your close-up photo. :) How funny, a many who loves his chippy so much he writes a poem.

  10. Love that poem, you looked right at home on that bike!!

  11. OMG they look delicious!

  12. I wsa just thinking, isnt it funny that certain foods ie fish and chips come to be connected to certain ritual places? We never, ever eat them at home, but when we go down to our caravan, a visit to the best chippy in otwn is a "must" on Saturday night and it has to be eaten out of the paper with fingers LOL

  13. I like the chips, thick and yellow.

    Today, I have a 8 year old student. He went to a fun park. He told me," my friend bought $20 worth of chips."
    I asked, " $20? that's a lot of chips."
    "Oh, it was for a lot of people."

    Kids, they like to say things like my dad is the strongest man, he is 8 feet tall.

  14. fish and chips looks delicious and i love the poem.

  15. The poem is cool!! And the photo...well, the photo makes me crave fish and chips.

    Here's an invitation to visit CRYSTAL for Macro Monday. Hope to see you stop by sometime.

  16. I still remember how I loved it back in london in the old days - also that special vinegar - Yum!

  17. I don't think to take shots of food...guess I'm in too big a hurry to snarf them down!

  18. It's a great poem, isn't it (smile)? Love the pic up there, too - is the world ready for you on your own bike? We have a Saturday ritual, every lunchtime, Sam goes with his dad for a take away from our local fish shop, the guys there all know him, and they always take the time out to have a chat. Their fish n' chips ain't so bad, either!

  19. You look good on that bike - buy it! LOL

    There's nowt quite like fish'n'chips is there? Yummy!

    Love the poem BTW.

  20. What a great shot of the fish dinner! Looks better than all the doctored up stuff they do in the magazines!


  21. Wot! No scraps?

    (Can't get decent fish and chips down here to safe your life. I'm jealous!)

  22. Oh, yum! That looks wonderful. And I love the poem!

  23. I'll look forward to fish 'n' chips in Newcastle in two weeks time. You'll have to tell us which chippy to go to.

    (note to English/English dictionary
    dinner is lunch
    tea is dinner or is it supper or is it sometimes also just tea?
    the place to get fish 'n' chips is a chippy
    chips are crisps)

  24. What a great shot of the fish and chip!

  25. Mouth watering delicious image!

  26. The fish and chips look very appealing. Want to share?

  27. oh you are making me so hungry - its chippy in this house too especially with a bit of curry sauce.

    Centre Of Interest Photoblog has my MM entry.

  28. Go for it Denise! Your own bike would be great!!!

  29. I'm SURE I answered this, but I don't see my answer! :(

    The fish and chips make me squirm (I'm very allergic to fish!) but it would be so much fun for you to have your own bike! Go for it!

    I found the commuter bikes were more likely to be low enough for me, and I had a Suzuki 550 as my own bike, but I also rode OH's Yamaha Virago 525. The custom bikes are much lower (as you know) but I didn't much like the handling. I prefer the more positive feel of the commuters. The Virago was a very pretty bike though!

  30. Wonderful poem. Reminds me of our old local chip shop.

    I shall look forward to hearing about your biking adventures on your own bike!

  31. Hi,
    Just caught up with this post. I'm so glad your readers enjoyed the poem. Thanks for sharing it with them.
    Stan Ski.

  32. Love the poem! Can't beat the smell of hot vinegar on fish n chips. My mouth is watering at the very thought!


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