Saturday, July 3



I am now using Windows Live Writer – this is an experiment with the photos of today.

We went out for a tootle on the Moors and after a drink at Whitby made our way to Scarborough! Great place I can recommend!


  1. You've been to Scarborough. I'm SO jealous! Glad you had a good time.

  2. What a gorgeous colored pig! Never seen one like that before! AN you went to Scarborough, well it's near enough to Flamborough to count!

  3. Morning AJ

    We didn't actually go into Scarborough itself, well we didn't go down to the prom, we turned right at the roundabout near the waterslide and made our way over to the A170 Pickering Road, but I did give a mental wave for you!



    This experiment wasn't successful as it was an exercise to see how quickly I could load a set of photos via live writer - I posted an entire album and it took forever so I re-did it this morning and it was quicker to load individual pictures as you will see above!

  4. I'm getting a handle on UK geography--at least a bit. I never was quite sure where you were on your island. We're hiking in Scotland in two weeks--less than now. Then south through some exciting spots and west into Wales and finally out from London.


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