Tuesday, July 2

Yellow preferences.

Bing at 9 weeks old
Bing at 8 months old.
His favourites......
I ADORE custard and every once in a while, for a treat I will buy a custard slice.
Whilst I could never bring myself to eat flaky pastry or the solid white icing I eat the filling...
Bing has also developed a taste for custard slices -
 but he has no preference for the pastry, icing or the filling - he eats them whole!

As we have regular fresh eggs they are a major part of my diet. Boiled, scrambled, omelettes - love them all - Bing prefers boiled eggs - whole!


I feed our hens a varied diet yet out of all the treats I feed them, the one thing Bing makes a beeline for are the egg noodles and sweet corn I throw on the lawn for them.

We always have a good selection of fruit in the kitchen - yet out of an entire selection of strawberries, apples, pears, raspberries etc. often when we return Bing will have eaten bananas, star fruit, apricots, pineapple and butternut squash!

He appears to prefer yellow!

My Y post for ABC Wednesday where I have been following the theme of life as a growing puppy in the Nesbitt household. For more capers follow the link in my sidebar.


  1. Oh, yes, our Lindy loves fruit and vegetables. Because she is overweight, her fruit intake is monitored and limited, but she is given green vegetables whenever she likes. Her favorite fruit is apple and her favorite vegetable is cucumber. I once caught her eating bananas, skin and all, but made sure that never happened again.
    Bing is so beautiful. I'm afraid I'd buy custard to share with him every day (my grandmother used to make custard for me when I felt ill).

  2. He is a handsome dog. It always amuses me when dogs help themselves to fruit. Our current dogs aren't bothered but in the past we've had those who stole bananas and those who sucked berries from the bushes.

  3. What a difference 8 months make! Tegan got spayed a week ago and we were told she is pretty much fully grown (at 7 months!) She really isn't taht big, but she's heavy! And she likes to eat wood! ICK!!! Double ICK ICK!!!

    abcw team

  4. The Square Ones had the exact same toy, a simple rubber bone, one blue one yellow. They never played with the blue one but played with the yellow one till it was destroyed and I had to throw it away. The blue toy was left untouched, even when I played with it. They only wanted the yellow one.
    They must see yellow stronger ?
    Bing is very handsome but I miss the little Bing. So small and super cute.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. My he's SO big! And your post is SO yellow!

  6. Bing has grown into a very fine dog.

    We both adore custard tarts!

    So he loves yellow! I always thought dogs were colour blind! Maybe it comes out in a certain shade that he prefers! Or maybe he just loves the taste/smell!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  7. You don't eat the pastry?!! Are you mad, woman?! Gorgeous Bing.


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