Thursday, July 11

Working from Home.

Currently I have a christening commission.......

I had to produce 40 of these......

I decided to work on the kitchen table - knowing that everything would have to packed away.
I wanted to get the order finished too,
 otherwise it could have extended into today and I had plans for today.

I like background music/sounds.
Chose Absolute 60's.....


I knew there was a pasty in the fridge.
I am now 10 weeks on target weight so I didn't want to spoil the progress....

so I ate the meat and fed the pastry to Freida and Bing.

Bing was a soothing influence, asleep by me feet, thanks to a long active morning frolic on the beach.

Then the hens kept strolling by!
Distractions observed and averted I can happily say the job was completed.


  1. good for you; I would have been too distracted...

  2. Excellent... I'm sure if I'd tried that I'd have had cat paw prints all over them...

  3. That's amazingly strong minded of you, mrsnesbitt! I am constantly fighting a battle between what I need to do and what I want to do. ;)

  4. Stylish and cute invitations. :)

  5. Glad you got it finished Denise - distractions - particularly of the doggie kind - can hinder one no end.

  6. Well done! that was quite a challenge. As was leaving the pastry!

  7. They are beautiful.
    And oh well done for keeping the weight off, that's a real achievement too!

  8. and then the hens kept strolling by !
    hahahahahahaha so perfect !

    cheers, parsnip


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