Wednesday, July 17


ABC Round 13 is here and this time I am using our garden as the theme. We have a very large garden which to be honest leaves me feeling rather helpless as there is always a job which needs to be done. Jon's passion are the lawns and we do want to turf a few more areas so the task of mowing is easier.

This is our back garden - the shrubbery recently weeded and awaiting turf.

We have an ASSORTMENT of trees - scattered around the various areas which are as follows:-
 Front Ornamental Cherry Tree Hawthorne hedge Holly Tree
Shrub area Ornamental Grass Lady's Mantle * Aquilegia *
Hedge/Shielding at side of house
 Small boxptype shrub, very overgrown Elder tree x 2 Horsechestnut Tree Sycamore Tree Lilac
In back garden
3 pine Trees Various conifers...dwarf??? 2 established older apple trees 1 younger apple tree (Discovery) Laburnum Tree
Hawthorne May Blossom? About 20 damson/plum trees
#Euphorbias Escallonia.Crimson Spire? * Hydrangea -  * Yellow Rose - not sure of name * Lady's Mantle * Flowering Currant Periwinkle Sedums
Patio/Kitchen area
Tomatoes  Strawberries  Geranium  Varigated Ivy  Lavender  Rosemary  Chives *Primulus - many of * Violas * Pansies * Basil * Peppers * Rhubarb * Mint Thyme *
 Dry Stone Wall at side of Drive
Various succulents


One of my favourite plants is  Lady's Mantle [Alchemilla mollis]

........ A frothy haze of tiny, chartreuse yellow flowers appearing from June to September above softly hairy, rounded, pale green leaves, which catch water droplets like pearls. No garden should be without this charming perennial! Ideal for groundcover or edging paths, it tolerates a range of adverse conditions including heavy clay and, once established, is drought tolerant. Position: full sun or partial shade Soil: moist, humus-rich soil Rate of Growth: fast-growing Flowering period: June to September Flowers: greenish-yellow Other features: excellent cut flowers Hardiness: fully hardy Garden care: Cut back the faded flower heads and foliage in August and the plant will often produce a second flush of flowers. Alchemilla has a tendency to self-seed freely, so to minimise the spread of the plant remove the seedheads carefully after flowering.

I used our garden flowers including the Lady's Mantle for our silver wedding anniversary table centre pieces.

We hade adopted a "make do and mend" approach to the garden - so I will break down the various tasks to make them manageable and this space!


  1. Lovely to have a large garden like that but, as you say, needs so much upkeep. I'm afraid Keith's solution would be to concrete it and paint it green - the lawn that never needs mowing. ;)

  2. I'm really looking forward to reading more about your garden Denise!

    Alchemilla is in danger of taking over here, will follow your advice and give it a chop next month. Love the rose too..

  3. You weren't kidding when you said that the garden is huge! Your effort certainly has reaped wonderful results; the flowers are gorgeous. Kate, ABC Team

  4. You have quite the AGRARIAN touch!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. I enjoyed this tour of your garden!
    Have a great day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  6. My three pots on the patio are enough to keep me busy. The grass, though, well, the mowing is lessened somewhat because I have half the front planted in wildflowers. Till they go to seed, I do not need to mow that part. I don't make hubby mow for two reasons, 1. I let him use his energy for more pleasurable activities as his cancer limits it. and 2. He mows down what I try to grow.

  7. Abundance, Ability and Ample Aptitude!! I thought the list of plants was never ending!!

  8. Your landscaping looks immaculate!! My hubby just got his riding lawnmower working again, so happy we have quite a bit to mow. You have so many glorious trees!!!

  9. You've been VERY busy, Denise! I feel like just ripping everything out of mine and starting over with just grass!

    abcw team

  10. I love alchemilla mollis in both its 'adult' form and also in its rock form Denise. And by golly, once you have got it you have it for life as it seeds all over, so you will soon fill in plenty of those bare spots.

  11. You sound like you have ACRES of land. Gardens are lovely but a lot of work. Ours is only small, but being in a desert climate yet growing flowers and shrubs that shouldn't be there it becomes costly -- the water bill is large.

  12. Lovely to see your garden and I like the natural look!
    Congrats on your Silver Wedding!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May


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