Friday, July 19

Bing's playmates.

We go to the beach most days. Often we come across 2 brothers with their dogs. One is an older Labrador, the other a young whippet. Bing loves to play with them and races with the whippet - no wonder he sleeps when we get home. I haven't been taking him whilst the weather has been so hot, but today we had sea-fret which results in a cooling fog, so Bing had another good run.


  1. Racing with a whippet is a good way to keep in shape, alright. The old Lab must think the two of them are crazy!
    I love catching up with Bing's progress — he's a beauty!

  2. Nice to get him socialising Denise.

  3. lovely to see the dogs enjoying the sea!

  4. Bing has gotten so big, I can't believe it.
    You are so lucky to live so close to a beach.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Now that Tegan is fully healed from her spaying (there was a complication which has been dealt with) we'll be back out running a log - well, SHE will be! lol


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