Friday, February 4

Reasons to be cheerful - 13, 14, 15

It's that time of the week again! Why not join in?

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart

3 more reasons to be cheerful.

1. I am feeling much much better after the dreadful 24 hours I had - a bit early for details at this early hour of the day - some may be eating breakfast - but let's just say I wont be eating kippers for a while!

2.I am really enjoying the 2 mile walk I do each day with Freida, my faithful german shepherd. It is not so much of a chore anymore and I can actually say I want to do this. It is a wonderful feeling when the horses in the ajoining fields fit in with our pace and walk along side us - a great way to start the day!

3. I am so looking forward to Tuesday - I will find out the settlement for my Teacher's Pension. I have been aware for some time that the government have earmarked "public sector pensions" for change and I KNOW one area will be the early retirement age of 55 being put back - it was announced this week that in 2012 the teacher's pension scheme is going to incur changes! PHEW! I JUST crawled through that one! Roll on June 29th!


  1. Hope you're feeling better now! Sounds horrid. Good luck re the teachers pension deal - I took mine at 55, then went back part time after a while and accrued a bit more. But its not a lot in total, as I was part time for many years. I'm trying to walk more - it's a good feeling isn't it? Have a good weekend!

  2. Sounds yucky, hope you're feeling better. I really enjoy taking Archie out for his walks, I never walked very far before we got him but it's a pleasure now.

  3. I love long walks, the Thames Path, Hampstead Heath and Richmond Park are my favourite local spots. I feel so regenerated and uplifted after

  4. Reasons to be cheerful... I know that although I feel rough at the moment, it is just another temporary blip and will pass.
    Looking forward to an afternoon snoozing to help get over this blip.
    And making lemon and white chocolate muffins at the weekend.

  5. Yes, it is quite stressful waiting to know how much one gets isn't it. I remember myself when I retired from teaching (at 51!) that I really worried and was desperate to hear the figure but they do keep it under their hats don't they. Good luck.

  6. LOL a 2 mile walk here will involve a lot of Uphill walking, regardless of which direction I start off. It feels more like 3 :-O
    Youre getting the benefits of your weight loss, well done you.

  7. Hope you continue to feel better Denise and that your pension deal is a good one.

  8. Glaad you will get your pension okay. You know when you have had enough and teaching is a very challenging profession.

  9. The kipper incident sounds unpleasant. I hope you are feeling much better now :-)

  10. Haven't tasted kippers in years! Glad you are feeling better. I do think you are smart to take that walk with Freida each morning. I wish I had done something like that -- but most cats don't like walks on leashes! The main thing is that if you keep it up now it won't be nearly so hard by the time your my age.

    I like your three reasons to be cheerful. I'd like to join in but have to do it it sporadically as I can't handle any more deadlines. If I start, I'll just post them on my blog and give credit and a link to you.

  11. Keeping my fingers crossed for you on the pension! Teachers are so unappreciated - and their salaries and pensions reflect that.

    This year is the new contract year for US postal workers, and the big fear is that we're going to lose more of our retirement package - which is PITIFUL to start with. I really want to retire at my minimum retirement age, which is 56, less than 2 years away, but I can't afford to live on 26% of my salary!

    Good luck and so happy you're feeling better!

  12. Sorry about the kippers! Or rather the effect of the kippers!
    Hoping you will feel much better soon.
    I like the way the horses walk with you and your dog on the other side of the hedge!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  13. Other than the kipper scenario, sounds like things are right cheerful! The walk sounds healthy, as does your upcoming acquafit sessions. Hope the pension funds work out well, because, take it from me, have more leisure time is wonderful...and makes me cheerful.

  14. I hope your cheerfulness continues!


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