Tuesday, April 29

P is for pasta, Passata and peppers.

Tomorrow night at Slimming world we are having a bit of a party. Our consultant is leaving after nearly a year. Jen was only ever temporary, standing in until a new consultant could be found, but we have all grown very fond of her and will be sad to see her go, hence the party.

We love any excuse to share recipes and food ideas so my contribution will be the above - so so so simple yet always goes down well.

I use a packet of Pasta Sauce mix (Bachelors) and make up with 450ml of boiling water.
I then add passata, peppers, red kidney beans, spring onions, left over cooked long grain rice and chilli powder, salt & pepper. I will serve in a Chinese lettuce leaf with extra salad.

This is my P contribution for ABC Wednesday - all about food!
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  1. This looks so good. For me I would leave out the kidney beans but love serving it in a cabbage leaf !
    I an so enjoying your food posts !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. That's so pretty, art on a plate. See you soon madam.

  3. Such a simple recipe but it sure looks delicious! Bet it will be a hit!

  4. This gives me the idea of adding rice to pasta dishes.
    Tastes heavenly I am sure. :)
    Happy ABCW!

  5. You nearly keep me going in recipes. Is it nearly TT Races time? Are you passing our road end, if so call in for a cuppa.

  6. Love all three p`s! :) That sure looks like a delicious meal! :))

  7. Yum again. I'd be so tempted to sprinkle parmesan liberally but I guess that would defeat the point!

  8. Looks delicious ! We eat a lot of pasta, Mr. G. is Italian !

  9. Mmmm that looks good Denise.... I've done P for Paella, hope you have time to pop over to my Trubes site to have a peek, it's on westwell.blogsite.com/ Enjoy your party tonight love di..xx

  10. Recipes that use left over ingredients are ace and I am sure everyone will enjoy. Like angry parsnip I might have to leave out the kidney beans as they are not my favourite and perhaps replace with something like flageolet.

  11. mmm, couple of nice recipes here!


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