Monday, April 8

A Grand Day Out!

Rumour had it that we were to have a glimpse of some good weather so we decided to go to York on the motorbike....... a tad cold when the sun disappeared but we warmed up with a bowl of home-made soup!

We were right next to the Minster and the day was lovely.

Jon was looking for a leather jacket so we headed over to a motorcycle clothing shop. Whilst we were inside an enormous procession of bikes passed the shop window. Apparently they had just been to a service of blessing for motorbikes.

We called in at Squires Biker Café and after a cup of revolting tea we set off for home.

The weather was changing and we were quite cold when we arrived home. A hot bath soon sorted us out and supper was a lovely chicken dinner. The chicken had been in the Rayburn all afternoon and was quite delicious.

Looking at the cold weather today it was a good idea to make the most of the brief appearance of the sunshine.


  1. Indeed Roger....all gone now! Even had a fluttering of snow at lunchtime.

  2. Sounds like a great day out Denise, I love York. The weather forecast is warmer for weekend - I hope that means Friday when we come to Whitby. :)

  3. Sunshine is ordered Pearl! See you Friday!

  4. Isn't it a shame the weather didn't last. Hopefully it will pick up again soon.
    Great pics of you and Jon!

  5. Good to see you out and about on the bike Denise - fingers crossed that the sunshine comes back soon x

    1. Heeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy where have you been????

  6. Good to see you out and about on the bike Denise - fingers crossed that the sunshine comes back soon x

  7. Warm soup on a cold day is just about perfect.
    If you call the tea Revolting it really must have been awful.
    In spite of every thing, it sounds like you had a great day out and about.

  8. You are right to make the best of that sunshine at the weekend because it has been pretty cold again this week Denise. Yes the independent grocers is the one with the good butchery too - next time you pay them a visit do call and see us.


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