Tuesday, February 26

G is for Good Boy!

Bing is learning all the time.
he watches Elsie and Freida and is keen to do the same.

His favourite cupboard in the kitchen is where the pet food is stored.
He waits patiently when it is teatime.

As promised, here are the photographs taken by nephew 1 of Bing in action at puppy training.
As you can see he sits and awaits commands.

Part of the socialising and training process involves walking amongst humans and other dogs.
When you consider that the other dogs have been attending the classes for quite a while you can see how good Bing is.

Here he sits on command.
Other dogs were doing the same next to us, I was so pleased with the attention he gave to my words.

The travel sickness was not as bad as previous weeks - probably because I didn't feed him prior to the journey. He is rewarded with treats during class - which he brought up on the way home so need to think around this one. Reading around the internet ginger biscuits have worked in some cases so will give this a try.

Watch this space.

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  1. You both get passing scores. ;)

  2. I love Bing's perky ears and attention he is giving you.
    I think you have a real charmer.

  3. Bing is so cute ~ Great shots and post for ABC ^_^

  4. His is adorable and must be giving you so much pleasure.

  5. Denise, Bing looks like a sweet, sharp, adorable pup. May he live many years, and may you enjoy each other always! Amy

  6. Bing looks like a very bright boy!
    I am sure he is happy to be in class and learning,smart dogs need work to keep them busy.
    Hope the little bits of ginger treat help improve his rides home!

  7. He is SUCH a good boy. You can see it in his face, how much he wants to please you. Such a love!

  8. I am sure you are right Denise, he is learning from your other dogs. Also you are obviously being firm and loving with him. You can see from his face looking up at you that he wants to please you.
    Thank you so much for the lovely hare card, which arrived this morning. It is delightful - I have dozens of hare cards sent to me by various people, because they know I love hares, but I haven't got this one, so I am thrilled with it. It will go into my next collage of hare pictures. How nice of you to think of me.

  9. Awww...what a good boy! He sure looks attentive.

  10. Glad to hear he's doing well in class. We haven't taken Tegan yet, but she does sit on command, will come (when on a loose leash), and is starting to shake a paw. She asks to go out and come in and hasn't had an "accident" since her first day home. Well, except when she had a bladder infection but she's all better now. Bing looks so soft and fluffy!

    abcw team

  11. i'm so proud of you taking obedience. more owners should own up to that responsibility.

    my g post for this week:
    gripping girdle limerick

  12. Love the photo of him on the stairs. He is a lovely dog and has plenty of people and animals to help him on his way. Very lucky dog too.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May


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