Tuesday, February 19

F is for food

Continuing with the A-Z of bringing up a puppy in the Nesbitt household we arrive at F, F is for food, as recommended by our vet. Bing is now fed three times a day, I mix some warm water with the dry mix but the amount is gradually being decreased. Bing enjoys his drinking water and there is always a bowl handy in most rooms.

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One thing I must sort out is his car sickness. On both occasions of me taking him to puppy class he was sick in the car. I have a feeling it may be because he can't see out of the window and is generally disorientated by the motion of the moving car. On Sunday I had to go to Pets at Home to buy more food so I didn't give him any food until we returned. Whilst I heard him retching he wasn't actually sick....well at least not on the way there!

He sort of had a look round the treat section!

He knew which food he wanted however!

Tomorrow is puppy class and our Nephew 1 is coming along, (to help rather than be trained lol) I am hoping if he holds Bing in the car it may help with the sickness - we will just see. I am also hoping Nephew 1 will take some photographs and even videos of Bing in action and hopefully next week I will be able to have a G is for Good Boy post!

Watch this space.

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  1. If it is any consolation Denise, Tess used to be terribly travel sick when she was small but has completely grown out of it now.

  2. Soon, you can send him off to do his own shopping!

  3. Watson is great in the car but Hamish is not. I would say he could throw up on command and I have tile floors to prove it.
    When he was little he would throw up in the car no matter what. We had to crate him with lots of towels. As he has gotten older he is now 9 sometimes he drools but all and all it is so much better.
    Usually they will grow out of it.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Ah, poor baby! Tegan seems to enjoy the car. Lorne puts the crate in the back of his car/truck and she just sits nicely or goes to sleep. I took her out in my car and had her in the back seat on a blankie and she curled up and behaved very well. UnFortunately, though, she currently has a digestive track infection, a bladder infection, and a vaginal infection! Poor thing has been so distraught yesterday and this morning, but is sleeping now. And Poor Lorne was up all night letting her in and out as she tried to pee. *sigh* Like a real baby! Looking forward to those photos/videos next week.

  5. Thought those pictures of him choosing his own food were hilarious! A doggie who knows his own mind. You'll be able to send him to the shops by himself, next!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  6. Poor little guy. I hope this will pass.
    Love the picture of him looking at the toys.
    Just like kids at the store.

  7. When we travel with Molly..(8 yr. old Shih Tzu) we take her bed and put it in the back seat. She usually just takes a nap..but then she's not a puppy. She has never been car sick, even when she was tiny...Maybe some dogs are and some not. Hope Bing is better about it soon. So very cute.

  8. Adorable dog and fun photos ~ I found that a 'dog car seat' helps and they do out grow the car sickness and my dog loves to look out the window so her car seat helps as she is a little Yorkie ~ Love your puppie ^_^

  9. We used to have a doggy butcher shop round our way and each Saturday I'd go there and buy several pounds of tripe and mince and stuff, and I'd freeze it then cook some up for him each day. Damn dog was spoilt rotten. So much so, that on the odd occasion when I didn't have time to cook, and had to resort to an emergency tin of Pedigree Chum, he'd turn his nose up at it and walk off!
    I'd made a rod for my own back.
    If I ever get another dog, he's going straight on the Pro Plan!

  10. He is adorable!! I'll have to show Amy because she will melt when she sees this little fella.

    CJ x

  11. Awwww shopping for treats!

    Fitness... Fashion... Family

    Playing catch up again with F entries..
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team


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