Friday, October 26

Progress Report!

I haven't mentioned THE diet for a while - but here I am with an update! I am 3lb away from my target - this will mean I have lost 2.5 stone.

Along the journey I have eaten some amazingly wonderful food - healthy too which goes to show a diet does not have to be dull.

Take this amazing blancmange - Slimming World sell their own snack bars - which are part of a Healthy Extra part of the programme. It ensures we have fibre and calcium. We are to eat 2 Healthy Extra B choices on appropriate days. Now I can woof down a bar is seconds - so I blitzed one up (cherry & almond) made a blancmange with vegetable gelatin, fat free yoghurt and almond essence , placed into a silicon mould and added the blitzed mixture. Chilled in fridge - awesome! Made 12 so a great nibble source throughout the day.

I have also met some amazing friends and neighbours along the way - friends for life.


  1. good job, Denise! glad the journey's been a pleasant one.

  2. well done. I have heard such good reviews about Slimming World, glad it's been a success for you.


  3. well done, you've done tremendously well. As a life long weight watcher I know how hard it can be!

  4. So glad your diet has been successful Denise. I suppose, like me, You feel amazing because of it. I have mnever allowed myself to put the weight back on and apart from anything else I can bend down and touch my toes again!!
    Well done. When are we going to meet?

  5. Wow. That is good going & well done. Like Kath, I'm always having to watch my weight. And yet I have cousins who are as thin as a rake and can eat what they like. Not fair!

  6. What a very interesting thing to do with what you had on hand. And it looks wonderful !

    For the next six months I am on a Gluten and Nightshade free diet. To see if it helps with inflammation and hopefully I can feel better. I don't mind giving up gluten, I have been very careful about wheat and carbs all my life but nightshades are my downfall, yum, all the things I love to eat. Nightshades are in just about everything so eating out is very interesting. Plus it takes up to six months to get the the gluten out of your system, le sigh....

    You are doing so great ! I know how hard it is to lose weight.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. Great idea...I sometimes "spice" up some of Jenny Craig's meals, too.

  8. You've done exceptionally well - you must have amazing will power!! I've started eating a lot more fruit and veg as I think that's my downfall. I do like my McDonald's though ;-)

    CJ x


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