Sunday, January 1

We got there!

The lounge is finished and we are in!

The aubergine!!!!!

Chimney breast - built by Jon is Farrow & Ball's "Brassica" ......a tad different for magnolia eh??

Not only the chimney breast - but the oppoaite wall too!!

To show off my wonderful mirroe - bought in Yarm with my pal Jill!

The curtains were the source of inspiration - just need hemming now! Here are the canvas prints taken from my photographs of our ferry crossing in 2008 when we nipped over to Holland.

Our wonderful Mackenzie Thorpe prints given to us by Dorothy and Keith - just match so well!!!

The doors - soon to be replaced!!
Yes our wonderful, adored friend Spud came round on New Year's Eve to fit the carpet!!
The delay had been the paintwork but in the end the doors were fitted and we moved in! This room had always been cold - it is the extension after all. The doors were the original front door (external) so are not standard size for internal doors. We had so many problems replacing them we just went for a re-paint - but to coin a phrase "You cant make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!" The opening may not be standard, but hell spells I am married to a precision engineer! An engineer "engineers things and makes them work!" So Jon will "make the opening standard" and we will get new doors!
We are over the moon and warm too - the Rayburn is doing a wonderful job keeping the room warm. Our Christmas present to each other is a TV and we just need a unit and some bookcases.
So eh? Aubergine carpet - who saw that coming eh?

Happy New Year - and here's to good gifted friends - like Spud! His number is next to my heart! Good one!


  1. Well worth the wait! What a gorgeous room - I love your curtain fabric. A great way to start the new year - happy new year from our house to yours x

  2. Wow! So quick a response there FRG! Just edited and phew you were there with a comment! Yes what wonderful fabric eh? 90"x90" came in at £24.99!!! Next seconds - so I went the following day and bought more - watch this space to see what I do with the cushions!!!!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Brilliant !
    Love the colors and forgive me Engineer Jon but I quite love the doors. (I don't have to live with them though)
    Great way to start off the New Year !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. AP - the doors look OK here on my blog but believe me they look dreadful despite endless sanding and painting - trust me!
    Happy New Year.

  5. Now Denise did you really expect any of us to guess aubergine???

    Happy New Year to you all.

  6. No I would not have guessed in a million years!
    Bet you're glad it's all done and you can enjoy it.

  7. It all looks so beautiful and fresh. And cozy with the fireplace! Hope you had a great new year's eve and have a great 2012. I've been in touch with Jill and hope to meet her next summer, too. Check out my F/B for some photos of our new year's eve last night. :D

  8. Absolutely fabulous room, Denise. I am SO happy for you. I love your fireplace. Does it give any heat or does the Rayburn heat everything? Is it gas or electric? (My husband doesn't like fireplaces, but I'm going to buy a small electric one some day.)
    All the best with the doors in 2012.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  9. Thanks everybody - aubergine lol! The fir does give out heat - 2kw but we wont need it on much as the room is so warm. Good focal point though xxxx

  10. BRILLIANT! Now keep the pets off the lovely new carpet and sofas! Looks like a glossy picture advertisement!
    Well worth the wait.
    Happy New Year.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  11. Oh Denise it looks lovely and that mirror WOW!!!looking forward to seeing it in the

  12. Looks lovely...but aubergine carpet and pale honey coloured dog???!!!!

  13. congats. Though I never would have picked a color that I personally can't spell!

  14. Denise....
    I tried to find your e-mail but couldn't...
    To answer question you asked on my blog...
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    We have always eaten mostly veterinarian (I could never give up fish) in my home so I rather like what she cooks. My family are very adventurous eaters.
    Love the lounge and the carpet is beautiful It also looks so great with a fluffy dog on it !

    cheers, parsnip

  15. It's lovely, Denise, and it certainly doesn't look cold. The room has nice warm glow. What a great way to start the year, moving in I mean.

  16. Happy New Year.

    The room looks fantastic.

  17. nice cosy room.... well done! What's the next project going to be?

  18. It looks wonderful, you must be really chuffed. What a great job you have both done, I love the colour of the walls x

  19. YAY you finished it! It looks lovely Denise and I just love those prints your friends bought for you. :)

  20. I think everything is ready now for me to move in with you !lol !
    It looks wonderful !
    Happy New Year !

  21. Hi - I moved to Scotland from the Yorkshire Dales and am new to blogging. I love your colour scheme - great idea to start with the curtain fabric.

  22. Love your home redo! How cozy and inviting.
    Your Hubby is so clever and when the doors are done you will have a masterpiece.
    Absolutely love the carpet color.
    Happy New Year Denise.

  23. Looks wonderfully cosy now. Love the Brassica colour. Brilliant!

  24. One word.... WOW!!!
    Jane x
    Me? One word? Not likely....that room looks gorgeous....I'll bet you never want to leave it!

  25. It looks very welcoming and warm - well worth the wait:-) (for us, your loyal followers, I mean!)


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