Tuesday, November 9

Quiet? I think not!

Each year I produce a selection of scenes from our village as my Christmas Card selection. This is the collection for Christmas 2010.

The Churchyard

St. Michael's Church

Handale Lane

Moorsholm Lane

The view from our drive

Ronnie's sheep

I am now working on these cards as my customers who have ordered them need to get them in the post in time for Christmas. Quite a few of my neighbours send them abroad, some to people who once lived in the village. 

Life is very busy at the moment, the weather is very cold and I enjoy working in the warmth of my study. I have quite a lot of work to get out pretty sharpish so it would seem I am only managing to visit my blog once a week, here on ABC Wednesday.

I enjoyed the give away I had a couple of week's ago and am going to do another one this week. Leave a comment and I will pick one out to receive a personalised Christmas Card.

Which is your favourite scene?

Oh and why you are reading this....Q is for Quiz! Cat owners will love it! lol!

Is your cat plotting to kill you?


  1. I LOVE Winter pictures! Really?? You want us to pick just one? My favorite would have to be "The view from our drive", with "Ronnie's sheep" running a close second. All of them are beautiful and I can see why your customers are eager to recieve them.

  2. Ronnie's sheep, for sure.
    Second choice would be (oops forgot name)the one with the single tree in a field with the bird sitting in the top left of the tree.
    Jane x

  3. The weather last year made for some great winter pictures didn't it?

    I love them all but the last one is my favourite. :)

  4. 1. Ronnie's Sheep.
    2. View from your house. The lighting is spectacular.
    In fact all your pics will make lovely cards. Good Luck with them.
    Ann x

  5. Wonderful photographs and quite beautiful for cards.

  6. They are wonderful!! my favorite ones are the last two.
    Q is for...

  7. Ronnies sheep is lovely but I especially like Moorsholm Lane :D

  8. Ronnie's Sheep and The View From Our Drive, though it was a very difficult choice!

    I'm making my own cards for the first time this year, using my own snowy scenes from our unprecedented snows last winter. So many choices!

  9. Another vote for Ronnie's sheep. I may have missed something, but could we be told a little more about Ronnie?

  10. They're all beautiful, but I think my favourite is the Handale Lane shot.

  11. Oh, I love your cards! Marvelous photos! And I love Ronnie's sheep, too! Hope your week is going well!


  12. The second to the last photo (View From Our Yard) is so perfect for Christmas Card. :)

    Thanks for visiting my ♥ABC Wednesday

  13. Shooting Parrots -

    Ronnie, is one of our neighbours. He is a sheep farmer and has toiled the land since a young boy. His farm is over the road from our house and indeed, as I look out of my study window I can see the barns where, each winter he will bring down the ewes and settle them in for the lambing season. We hear the lambs as they are born -
    often late into the night.
    The sheep in the picture above were in the field next to the Pub, shortly before being moved down to the barn. The sheep photos I use on my blog are all Ronnies.
    Thanks for asking, hope you enjoy the village life I share. Dxx

  14. Beautiful winter scenes. Its hard to pick a favorite one, but if I have to I will say Ronnie's sheep. It has a real Christmasy feel to it.
    Denise you amaze me with the many things you do. I wish I had your energy.

  15. I love Ronnie's sheep. We live near a sheep farm and they do make a beautiful card.

    Wonderful winter scenes.

  16. I think all those photos are quite beautiful. My favourites are the last two but if I really, really had to choose one, it would be the last - Ronnie's sheep. It's just perfect! The clarity and colour of the light, the birds in the snow-covered tree, the black-faced sheep and the trodden but not sullied snow - wonderful :-)

  17. All the pictures are Quite lovely, but the one I like best is "The view from our drive".

  18. I have 3 favourites: The Churchyard, Handale Lane, and Moorsholm Lane! They're all just gorgeous, though. You're so lucky to have such fabulous views right from your home. I know we also have great views (quite different from yours) but I have to leave home to see them. Wonderful post for today and I'm sure all your customers are going to love your cards. :D

  19. Ronnie's sheep would be my favourite. It looks so 'shepherds in the fields' to me!

  20. You, quiet? I seriously doubt it!

    I'm a sucker for the graveyard, with what looks like a wall of trees. My father used to paint barren trees.

  21. Have to say the view from your drive one is wonderful. Narnia indeed. Also got me thinking about doing my own cards. Cheers Denise for the inspiration.

  22. I really love Ronnies Sheep and Handale Lane, they both seem so peaceful and just say Christmas to me.

    Beautiful photos.

  23. The first one is my favourite!

  24. I tried the Cat Quiz, basing it on "the late great Herm" who was my best cat ever. Herman loved people, puppies, kittens, babies ...he would let babies climb all over him
    So I thought it would be about a 10-25% chance of him ever wanting to hurt me, never mind kill me, and I got the same 87%. I'm hurt. Deeply wounded.
    Beautiful photos, Denise. Just lovely, all of them.
    -- Kay

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  25. Wonderful photos for Christmas cards!

  26. It's difficult to choose just one, as all of them are so awesome! You have a perfect view from your home.

  27. Gorgeous! My favorite is the 'view from our drive'. It's absolutely magical.

  28. My favorite is the churchyard - such a serene picture.

  29. Spectacular shots.Each one of them are stunner.

  30. It is kinda hard to pick a favorite. I just love all of them!

    If you have time, do drop by:

    Quick and Easy Recipe

  31. Moorsholm Lane. It's just so pretty!

  32. What wonderful reminders of a snowy winter. I'm a sucker for sheep but like the Moorsholm lane because I can just imagine crunching through the snow.

  33. These are all gorgeous photos! I do love the one of Ronnie's sheep the best tho.
    Great idea for a giveaway!
    Take care

  34. Haha! Love the cat!

    My favourite of your snowy scenes is the one from your drive! Love that warm, low lighting on the wooden fence!

  35. I hope one of the cats isn't plotting!
    I love the sheep one.
    Lovely that people like to send your cards abroad, sharing and the countryside.
    Lisa x

  36. Loving Ronnie's Sheep - they look like they are posing for you. Just found your blog. Looking forward to visiting on a regular basis. x

  37. My favourite is Hendale Lane I love photos of trees in the snow. Glad to hear your are busy with your business.

  38. Please come back and visit us at BlogCatalog.com and add your new url address, so we may visit you with one click. Your photographs are as lovely as ever. I do hope you are very well.


  39. Lovely photos. They will make beautiful cards. I like them all, but my favourites are the first one with the gravestones and the one with Ronnie's sheep.
    I don't think my cats are plotting to kill me. I think they like me. If I am alone in the house they sit near me. If I go up to bed alone, they come to me and sit either beside the bed or on top of me or right beside me. I think we are good friends. If they have a problem with something (if it is food, water or more litter in the litter-box, or a door that needs to be opened) they come to me.

    You said earlier that you like light blue gemstones. Let me know if I can help you with your jewellery needs.

    Best wishes,

    Anna's abcWed.rd 7-Q

  40. I didn't see this post earlier, how, I don't know but it is briliant, I love your pictures. I want to live in your village it looks a delightful place.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Sarah x

  41. Loved every shot and the view from your drive is the winner for me :) Perfect for a Christmas card too!!


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