Monday, March 5

The Beast of the East

Difficult to imagine that this time last week I was tootling around on a Monday morning only to get up on Wednesday to discover snow had not only fallen but had cut off our village.

This was the normally busy road leaving the village and heading towards Loftus.
The large white mound in the distance was a 10 foot snowdrift.

Heading in the opposite direction towards the Moor Road was just as bad.

This milk tanker was blocking the road - left for 3 days. It was only yesterday, Sunday before it was moved. Endless milk had to be destroyed.

Bing enjoyed the walk but we were careful to clean his paws well on return.


  1. It is going quite quickly here now.

  2. Goodness so much snow !
    It looks very beautiful. We have had a few days of rain and snow and we needed it. Nothing like yours though.
    Bing looks happy.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. The snow certainly changed everyones normal life for a few days - we had no snow where we were in Scotland but couldn't get back to Yorkshire as the M62 closed!

  4. hope you're all clear soon. What fell for us,just a couple of inches, blew away and we have severely frosted autumn sown veggies....they may survive....


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