Sunday, February 11

Food Stuff!

I love tomatoes - but they have to be REALLY well cooked, I prefer black bits even.
I LOVE avocado and often have them together with my poached egg.

I am cutting dwn on bread and this is an ABSOLUTELY delicious, healthy alternative.
Beat an egg and add to cauliflower rice. Form this patte's and cook in coconut oil until golden brown.

I am working on a healthy corned beef pie!
Watch this space!


  1. Oh Yum !
    This looks so good. I have eggs and cauliflower in the frig right now.

    cheers, parsnip and mandibles

    1. Always lovely to hear you Parsnip xxxx

  2. I am not an egg lover Denise so your recipes don't tempt me, although your photos are good enough for a recipe book I must say.

  3. From my humble mobile phone Pat xxx


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