Wednesday, October 8

M is for memories.

Whilst I was de-cluttering the second bedroom (27th fast approaching) I came across several rolls of undeveloped 35mm films. We had no idea what was in store but here are a few of the garden back in 1995.

The garden wall before I spent 6 weeks working to get the grass out.

and how it looks now - on the left before an afternoon's work - and after on the right. Now it's just a maintenance job rather than anything like the initial clearing above.

Our beloved geese, Jo, Peggy and Dolly - we had over 15 years with these chaps.

Now we have this - notice the area opposite the chimney pot......

back in 1995 we had the old gate and concrete path, together with a holly bush to the left....

Now the path is long gone and what was the soiled area has been turfed over. The tiny holly bush has now become a 15 foot tree! The birds love it so much we are keeping it that height.

So yes, a lot of happy memories and many changes in the garden.

Sunday was one of the nicest days we have had in a while. I was tempted to go out with Jon on the motorbike as those opportunities have to be taken - but in the end I decided to spent the afternoon working on the front verge. What a lovely time I had - neighbours were stopping and chatting, people were stopping in their cars to comment and all in all I really felt people would be watching in the Spring for the bulbs to emerge.

I am getting rather obsessive with the bulb situation. daffodils are so cheap at the moment - and in such great quantities - I bought a couple of sacks of yellow species, 2 sacks of mixed varieties, some tulips and more tulips are to come. I plan mixing them all up together - oh and a few packets of wild flower seeds too!

Watch this space!

My M contribution for ABC Wednesday.


  1. You're working hard on that front verge. It's lovely to find old photographs you didn't know you had. Makes you realise how much things have changed in the intervening years.

  2. It's great to have old photos. And now blogs.. looking back in a few years time will be quite an experience.

  3. It's nice to look back isn't it..and realise how much we have achieved over the years.
    Jane x

  4. How MARVELLOUS to find some old snap shots and MY how your garden has changed Denise. I didn't know you kept geese, I knew you had one, I remember the picture of him staring in through the window, I think he had gorgeous amberish yellow eyes.
    Did any of the geese lay eggs, as we all know how much you love eggs...I rather like an omelette made of duck eggs but haven't tried goose eggs though !
    love Di. xx
    P.S.Can't wait for Spring to see pics of your garden.

  5. how lovely to look back and see your progress. I found some photos recently of our garden 2 houses ago. How hard I worked on that one, but I was 15 years younger then!

  6. Good to look at before and after shots - makes you pleased with your work.
    I love holly bushes and our birds do too - they make such good, quick cover when the sparrow hawk is around.

  7. What a wonderful surprise.
    My you have been busy !
    I can not wait for the spring either !

    cheers, parsnip

  8. I love before and afters - you have done a great job on the wall - I am going to check back over my own photos to spot the difference! Sadly the cottage will be an after and before experience as we are now waiting for the big strip out after the flood!

  9. personal history - interesting stuff!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday

  10. I think you've made some wonderful improvements! It's good to compare with the old photos though, as it makes you realise just how much things have changed for the better.
    I think that one can never have too many daffodils!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  11. Lovely to catch up and see before and after's! We have rooms to declutter and do up here.....teenagers rooms so it is not a task I am looking forward to tackling. Must get some bulbs if they are cheap just now, the HF plants them all along the roadsides on the farm. Lovely to catch up x


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