Sunday, May 20

Sophia meets Mabel!

Yesterday I let the hens out. New girls into their compound.
A couple of hours later I noticed Sophia had managed to find her way out.
She had not only entered the main henhouse -
 but was quite happily snuggling next to Mabel where she proceeded to lay an egg.
Yesterday the new girls gave us 3 eggs.
They must be happy then as normally they were producing 1 every other day.

You have to laugh eh?
Watch this space!
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  1. woo hoo for happy chickens and cuddles !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Lovely new girls! I'm sure they'll be very happy with you :) Mo

  3. And a friendship is born, complete with eggs. What more could you ask?

  4. What lovely shiny feathers - they look very happy hens.

  5. they look lovely, I am planning on getting some chooks.

  6. Aw.........!!!!!! That is the kind of post I love! Bless them.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. Maybe they start an egg laying competition ? and you will have 10 eggs per day?

  8. Cuddling chooks and eggs. Your chickens really do look happy and healthy -- and everything so very clean.

  9. I'd say they were happy hens! They look quite close in that picture!

    CJ x


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