Thursday, February 9

View from our window 2

This was the view from my kitchen window a few minutes ago. The snow which has been forecast since October finally arrived on Saturday night - and was gone by Sunday! This is just frost - but it is still very cold!

When we went out for our walk yesterday up the lane, the horses were keeping warm.

A few days ago we noticed our winter visitors had returned.....

The mistlethrush! They help themselves to the chicken's food and other titbits I put out for them.

So a day for keeping warm - finishing some wedding stuff for Saturday and housework me thinks. On a domestic note - my washing machine has conked out yest again ,what a start to the day - whilst I have a husband who can and will fix it, it is sod's law this happens when.....
1. I have a pile of washing to do. 2.
 There is a load of wet washing inside the washing machine.
3. Hubby is up to his eyes with work!!!!!!

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  1. Sod's law indeed Denise. Why do these things always go wrong at inconvenient times? We never get thrushes of either kind in our garden although we do very well for other birds. Keep warm. Very icy here.

    My Aga has also gone wrong.

  2. Washing machines always know when there's a pile of laundry waiting.

    It's cold here too.I envy you your mistle thrushes but we have had redwings for the last week or so - they've stripped the holly and are working through the pyracantha now.

  3. Very sad when washing machines fail! Just tried to email you but it bounced back, any ideas why? Stay warm x

  4. Still, it's TOO warm here. About 2C, 4F warmer for the season.

  5. Oh yes..... very rural. Love it.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. It has just rained here and now we are going to have ice again tomorrow and most of the paths are still covered from the snow on Sat!

  7. What! No chickens? We are in glorious sunshine today...but the snow is due to fly tonight.
    (That sounds like a coded message!)
    Jane x

  8. Don't like the cold and they say we are going to have snow here overnight - I thought we had escaped it! I'm sure the chickens won't be pleased with the other creatures eating their food. You have just reminded me that I took a picture of a Mistle thrush eating mistletoe just before Christmas, I must check it out and maybe post it if it's any good!

  9. I love your new header photo! I also loved the photo of birds.

  10. There's still some frozen snow hanging about here and more forecast for tonight. :(

  11. In Belgium too it snowed for one day and then it was finished, but we have terrible temperatures in Brussels/Waterloo - 12°C or even less sometimes, and in the Ardennes it went down to - 20°C ! Difficult for everybody especially the poors, but fortunately there is a lot of help from the Government and also from private organizations and the people.

  12. I feel cheated. We haven't had any snow.

  13. Love your view. I would love that one fall of snow, and wouldn't complain if it was gone next day. We've had none so I too feel cheated!

  14. Yes that's much how the snow was here too - hardy the snowmageddon the press made it out to be.


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